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Friday, June 30, 2017

Born in 1983 (Ketu Shani) and Born in 1988 / 1989 (Raahu Shani Relationships)

When it comes to paying back Karma: Milk that changed to Curd cannot be made to Milk. But the curd (wealth, land) could be returned or equal and opposite help could be done to the affected parties (by you).

The timing for this article is important as Shani was in MOOLA nakshatra first 3 degrees from Jan 26th 2017 to June 21 217 and NOW AGAIN will be from Oct 26, 2017 to say next 2 months but in Moola  nakshatra wakri maargi etc in the major part of 2018.

Folks born in 1983 and Mid/Late-1988 ad Early 1989
Over the past several months/years I have been getting some acute (earlier I called it “goosebumps”) experiences with the astrology analysis. There are examples of years of kidney stone issues, some miscarriages or issues in deliveries, leg, head injuries and so on. This article applies more to you if you have had leg related stuff with the paternal or maternal family elders or some extreme events or lesser longevity to the maternal or paternal elders. If you start early you can pay back karma by slow & steady good deeds and systematic small payments than being hit by big event or big stuff reminding you of pending karma. (Rahu Ketu are paternal / maternal DNAs inheritance and play a huge part with past birth memories along with Moon emotional memories and Sun the bones-heart-spine and physical robustness memories)
(1)     The planetary formation was KETU in the first 3 degrees of Dhanu rashi in that period which was from Mid-April-1983 to August 10, 1983.
a.       This increases more so as birth-dates move from April towards August.
b.       Means July August1983 a lot more than April May and July last week and upto August 10th quite a bit.
(2)     Shani had a very close drushti on Ketu during this time, and more so July August 1983,
a.       this underscores the problems with health or longevity to the maternal elders.
b.       Some extreme events with their health including legs or head related stuff might have happened to the grandparents of folks born in this period.
c.        The incidents could have happened say 15, 30, 38, 45, 60 etc and years BEFORE their birth.
(3)     So, folks born in this period do have some acute past karma with the maternal elders (Grandparents). What this meant to these folks is that they have some involvement in these events and were a stakeholder and gained or had something to do with these events
(4)     This meant lesser longevity to the maternal elders, acute intense events with them (predominantly maternal grandfather)
(5)     This also means some legs related minor injuries, lingering pains in legs or head, acute health issues to you to the organ and the things that are shown by the house of Ketu (5th Kids, 3rd Siblings, 4th Mom , 7th marriage,  8th Kidney Reproductive organs, 6th stomach, 10th father/career, 12th legs ankle feet and so on)
(6)     Any injury to your legs or head & the organs shows by Ketu house would be a Karma-Sanket of pending karma with maternal elders. REMNDER for you to pay back some of the past these elders did and you benefitted in the past or this birth directly or indirectly.

The Generic “Remedies” are to
(1)     Confess / Agree to God that you acknowledge this. Ask for help to find out - - Many a time the Souls/energies yet to re-born, are listening and willing to help and temporary relief or forgiveness (case studies and experiences). However, Pooja, Gemstone of Ketu (Cats eye) and such is a temp relief like out from jail on a bail and not permanent release!
(2)     TRY to find out what could have happened with the maternal grandparents & by them!
a.       In some cases, it is also seen that some bad things could have done by your maternal grandfather and his younger sibling(s) and
b.       YOU were beneficiary directly or indirectly by this. So you need to pay it back in some form by good deeds to the affected people.
(3)     While you try to find & help affected parties ALSO Help the maternal grandparents and their families, cousins and so on if you are well-off than them.
(4)     Specific remedies vary from chart to chart and position of Ketu to lagna moon and other faster changing planets like Budh Shukra Mangal which can’t be part of this article.

While Pooja 7 Karma-Kaand, gemstones never hurt, the BEST remedy is the good KARMA / Actions to help the affected people – these could be your maternal grandparents and their families (cousins”) or even other people who got affected by aggression or some bad things done by maternal grandparents.

Folks born late 1988 and early 1989
This applies to 1988 the whole year & most of 1989 but predominantly this applies to folks born in Nov-Dec1988 to Feb1989. In this case replace Ketu in all the above text by RAAHU BUT the nakshatra is not that intense like Moola so karma is still there which is bad but not as bad as in the 1983 case. So here you will see paternal grandparents
‘ side issues with intense past  karma and some issues with legs below knees. Your injuries and pains to legs would be the reminders of Karma-Sanket of pending karma with the paternal family elders. Again, the house of RAHU and SHANI would decide the outcome but both paternal grandfather/mother and their younger sibling might be involved in the extreme past life events. Remedies will also be similar as mentioned above but for Rahu and paternal family.

There are more such years & extreme planetary formations which I will include in subsequent article. The purpose is to make “aware”. NOT to run for some remedy or pooja or gemstones – just that if you have some mysterious events & injuries or pains with legs and you are born in 1983 1988/1989 you can take such articles more seriously. Even the maternal or paternal elders having leg injuries.


  1. I was born on 06/03/1983. Does it matter to me as well?

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  3. i was born in 1 jan 1977. so does it matter to us as well.

  4. Hi Milind Ji, I have Rahu Shani in 3rd House ( Leo) born in Aslesha nakshatra 4th Pada 19-12-1978 Mithuna lagna, how will this placement affect me. Thanks P