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Friday, June 9, 2017

GURU Maargi in June2017

GURU Maargi in June2017
Guru is going maargi from today June 10th 7:17 AM IST. The speed for Guru is very less and almost stambhi until say June 14 / 15. It takes good speed only from June 20 or so. This stambhi (without almost zero or negligible speed) is worse than retrograde one. Of course, retrograde also from June 5th to June 9th was stambhi too. So this is worse than the retrograde phase. So maargi motion is more is from say June 15th and clearly from June 20th.

This is good news for all signs! It increases speed of matters for everybody.

1.       For signs such as Vrishchik, Vrishabh, Makar, Meen, it is absolutely great! Especially for nakshatra of Jyeshtha, Mrig in Vrishabh, Uttarshadha in Makar, Revati in Meen it is more significant as these nakshatras hardly had any impact of the favorable Guru so far from Sept2016.
a.       Vrishchik will see income increase and various gains from all contacts that you have acquired from July2014 when Guru went 9th to your moon sign.
b.       Makar will see good new position due to KNOWLEDGE and not experience or tenure: Vidwan Sarvatra Pujyate experience! :)
c.        Vrishabh will see inner desire fulfillment and kids doing well. Education success.
d.       Meen will see expansion, marriage luck, income increase, power increase and image
2.       KANYA will see image enhancements & cash flow increase. High class people will meet you. This is more so for Hasta last 2 navamansh and Chitra 2 navamansh that are in Kanya rashi.
3.       Adverse/problematic for signs such as TULA & KUMBH and to some extent MESH & Mithun also: This means Guru’s adverse impact will be now felt in a concrete manner and not like a hanging sword. Specially nakshatras of Vishakha in Tula, PoorvaBhadrapada in Kumbh and part Bharani and Krittika of Mesh & Punarvasu of Mithun would see concreteness to the adversity/problems and not like slow motion hints of some adverse times! :) Fear of unknown will end and a clear-cut measures and actions could be planned in a better way.
4.       Singh will see investments and income matters moving ahead. This is good for business folks and investment management folks agents etc.
5.       Dhanu will see work place stress getting quantified and reporting to someone of equal or less ability will take concrete form.
6.   Kirk will see travels and sort of a "half-bhagyoday" and "progress". This is more so for Ashlesha Nakshatra folks. But anyways kirk will see good expression, presentation & travels.

Guru going maargi will remove clouds of worry and it gives clear measure of issues ahead and fear of unknown where it is adverse and it starts giving much better gains and puts some numbers around gains for those favorable signs!

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  1. For Tula rashi and Vrishchik lagna, mixed results? For this combo, its always confusing...What to expect in the guru stambhi situation?

  2. Sir
    Thank you for your articles.
    Have sent you a messenger question in your astrology zone fb page . Thank you

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  4. sir why has uttarashada not seen positive result so far despite being first nakshatra group in makar?

    1. Where is your Shani -- Rashi-Swami -- is it in sync or not..

    2. Sir Shani is 2 degrees in vrishchik, there is drushti of mangal from simha. lagna is kumbha.

  5. July 2014.. For vrischik looks typo check

  6. Adverse for Kumbha is which areas?