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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June2017 RashiBhavishya for all Rashi (Signs)

Will update this every other day.  all times are Indian Standard time GMT minus 5:30 Posts 14 8 4 are the active ones and currently applicable.

[14] Moon enters KANYA at 1:33AM Friday early morning India June 30th and stays there until 10:51AM on JULY 2nd Sunday morning India. This is tough for moon signs of TULA & KUMBH for these 2+ days.
MESH: Travel with or to meet maternal cousins, social events with maternal cousins or seniors, upset stomach, presentations, expression
VRISHABH: Execution excellence, family time, speculative gains, Income, Kids’ success!
GEMINI: Rest Rejuvenation, meeting mom and near dear folks, native place, good books, guru type people
KIRK: Expressions, Presentations but travel expense, handle seniors/police/Govt and siblings/paternal cousins well
SINGH: Income, Gains, Family time, Support from seniors and colleagues, good investments
KANYA: Back on track with energy optimism, meeting Guru type people, good responsibilities, Good teaching or training others
TULA: Expenses of time money energy for workplace influence, travel expense to meet seniors or colleagues or siblings or friends, travel quite likely of 6 to 9 hours.
VRISHCHIK: Income Easy money, watch heat and drink water, sleep more, gains but handle seniors well
DHANU: Workplace influence, working along-side Guru type or SMEs, gaining knowledge, STRESS
MAKAR: Start of very good 6 days ahead, travel highly likely, success over competition and even over seniors -don’t push too much, keep it legal
KUMBH: Fatigue, Misaligned efforts, worries, sleep well, easy money and investments that will generate easy money later. Alternate medicines will help (Ayurveda homeopathy etc).
MEEN: Spouse time, collaborations, partnerships, marriage talk & guidance for younger ones, Good time – work on what you love to work and not need to work.

[4] Mangal / Mars has changed to Gemini today on May 27th, 2017 01:05AM IST (after midnight). It will stay there until July 11th, 2017 around 2:30 pm (IST). This is adverse to the moon signs of KIRK (Cancer) and VRISHCHIK (Scorpio). Both signs need to ensure their vehicles are serviced, up to date, air pressure and oil, coolant levels etc are appropriate. Drive carefully - -not slow and not fast but just with the mood of the traffic. PREMANE GHYA! :) Be loving to the fellow commuters. Assume your siblings, your family members are driving in the streets! :) Avoid road-rage, arguments. For KIRK it is more about expense and for Vrishchik is shows some injury & expense and some “peeda”.

[8] SUN in MITHIUN until JUlY 16th: Moon sign VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) and Moon Sign KIRK (Cancer) :
Sun (Surya) enters Gemini (Mithun) tonight June 15th at 05:04 AM India (Lahiri ayanansh). It stays there until July 16, 3:54 PM IST. This means moon sign VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) and Moon Sign KIRK (Cancer) need to handle seniors, police, RTO, father, Govt or any person with authority with tact & diplomacy. You could get in the wrong zone with the seniors – you need to show patience while dealing in such situation. Understand / anticipate what they want and try to be proactive to care of the things.

This ends bad Sun movements for TULA & MITHUN, It started 3 great months of support from seniors to TULA. Shows gains from seniors and govt etc to Sinvha. Shows success over competition for Makar. Kumbh it shows tactical success and quick executions. Increase in power to Kanya. Rest signs it it is neutral sorts.

Nakshatra/Constellation: Close degrees: Intense issues
(1) Vishakha (of Vrishchik only) & Punarvasu (of KIRK only) will see acute issues from June 15 to June 19.
(2) Anuradha and Pushya would have acute issues from June 19 to July 3
(3) Jyeshtha & Ashlesha would have acute issues from July 3 to July 16 morning.
Easier way to calculate exact time is to add your moon sign degrees (days) to June 15! Subtract 2 and Add 2 and you get 4/5 days period of ultra-stand-off period.

[13] MOON enters Singh / Leo/ Sinvha rashi at IST 7:59PM Tuesday June 27th 2017 and stays there until IST 1:33 AM (Friday early morning June 30th, 2017. This is tough for moon signs of KANYA and MAKAR. Initial 2/3 hours there could be some aggression, anger, agitation & emotional outbursts as Moon goes into the MUKH of Raahu as soon as enter Sinvha rashi. Evening of 27th (India time) need some “premaane ghya” stuff. Avoid road rage arguments etc.

MESH: Execution, Success, Travel / presentations, inspirational work, go-geter attitude, quick success, Time with kids and friends of kids
VRISHABH: Rest & rejuvenation, meeting near & dear family folks, enjoyment, amusement
GEMINI: Picnic, Travel, Presentations, Higher Responsibility, Parakram, optimism
KIRK: Investments, Family time, expense on Govt, police etc possible
SINGH: Back on track with optimism, energy, Income, friends support, Pro environment
KANYA: Expense of time money and effort for power & workplace seniors, father, correcting omissions of past 7 days
TULA: Income, Gains, Travels by you or friends to meet, Pro time good stuff with seniors
VRISHCHIK: Increased workplace influence, tussle with seniors but productive stuff, handle seniors & govt police etc with patience
DHANU: Start of very good 6 days ahead. Partnerships collaborations solace, good developments
MAKAR: Fatigue, Misaligned efforts but success over competition, need sleep
KUMBH: Spouse, Collaborations, Partnerships, Kids time & quick achievements of kids, execution excellence
MEEN: Mom and maternal cousins and mama mousi etc folks, social events and dinner etc. Upset stomach possible, good restaurants & food

[12] Moon has entered KIRK rashi on Sunday June 25th, 6:02 PM IST. This is a bit tough for moons signs of Singh / Leo and more so DHANU.

MESH: Rest Rejuvenation after fatigue of travel, meeting mom, close folks after travel fatigue
VRISHABH: Travel with or to meet spouse & family, presentations, expression
GEMINI: Income, gains, family time, maternal folks – mama mousi in touch
KIRK: Back on track with energy but still some expenses for kids and siblings
SINGH: Some expense for mom & native /house, continued income from colleagues, siblings
KANYA: Income, Gains, Pro 2 days, Travel, Presentation, Increased workplace presence power
TULA: High productivity, workplace importance, father’s blessings, income / family time
VRISHCHIK: Start of 6 great days ahead, travel but watch vehicles and police/traffic etc, obey laws, Travel
DHANU: Fatigue & expenses, Work hard to avoid loss of name, some easy income, spouse/partnerships issues
MAKAR: Partnerships collaborations spouse time, maternal connect, success over competition, income
KUMBH: Maternal folks meeting, expense for father and attention to father, Social event/ dinner etc
MEEN: Kids, Quick actions to achieve, training, education, close people meet, Good position of responsibility!

[11] Moon in Gemini from June 23rd 2017 6:20pm IST, Friday to June 25th, 6:01PM IST Sunday. These two days are adverse to Moon signs or VRISHCHIK and KIRK.

MESH: Travel, with siblings mon or to meet them, expression, presentation, great for sports and art folks
VRISHABH: Incremental income, trading gains, family time, good variety food, pot-luck?!
MITHUN: Back on-track with energy & optimism, happening feel
KIRK: Expense Expense Expense etc for various things in life, Invest or spend time money effort wisely.
SINGH: Great income and lot of it, gains from various aspects of life.
KANYA: Work place influence, too much work, stress but happening
TULA: Start of great 6 days ahead – lot of good developments while you wait for Sep2017!  :)
VRISHCHIK: Fatigue, lack of sleep, slow down, handle RTO police seniors with patience
DHANU: Spouse time, partnerships. Collaborations arguments etc
MAKAR: Social events, Dinner, maternal folks cousins, success over competition
KUMBH: Good Execution, Kids time, undergoing to imparting training, impressing folks by intelligence
MEEN: Near & Dear one meeting, Mom time, near native etc. rejuvenation and rest, refreshment

[10] Moon in Mesh from June 19th 5:27pm IST to 5:48PM June 21st Wednesday IST. This is tough for VRISHABH and KANYA rashi for these 2 days only. Will add to this post soon. Good for Singh, Dhanu and Mesh, Great for Mithun. Not so good for Vrishchik. Makar OK but slow - Kumbh great but travel and fatigue/success. Meen income and mom family stuff.

Mesh: Back on track with energy meeting with friends and siblings cousins
Vrishabh: Expense for family and siblings
Mithun: Income, Gains and pro period
Kirk: Workplace productivity and stress but happening, expense for workplace
Singh: Start of very good 6 days ahead, great income and pro
Kanya: Fatigue due to workplace but mysterious gains possible
Tula: Partnerships, Travel with for spouse
Vrishchik: Social events, Dinner, accident injury possible,
Dhanu: Quick success, execution excellence, spouse time
Makar: Homely stuff, mom & mama mousi and maternal cousins
Kumbh: Travel and income and achievements thru kids friends and cousins
Meen: Income, family time and good food restaurants etc

[9] Moon in Meen rashi from 12:46pm June 17th 2017 IST to 5:26 PM IST June 19th 2017 (Monday). This is of tough time for MESH and SINGH moon signs. This is well directed though and not major issues long term.

MESH: Expense but well directed, maternal family dinner, social events, of medical stuff
VRISHABH: Income, Gains and Pro time, Kids doing well, success, dream come true sorts
MITHUN: Stress but happening, meeting closer to heart folks, meeting favorable seniors
KIRK: Start of good 6+ days ahead, Good luck travel siblings and presentations, great for artists
SINGH: Fatigue, Easy money, sudden income, misaligned efforts
KANYA: Partnerships, spouse time, collaborations
TULA: Dinner, Social events expense, Relatives time, upset stomach
VRISHCHIK: Kids time, success, Swapna-Poorti, Success and inner desire
DHANU: Meet near & dear ones, mom time, meeting closer seniors
MAKAR: Travel Presentation expression, siblings time, good luck
KUMBH: Income, investments success, family time, good food, Alternate medicines
MEEN: Image, back on track with optimism, collaborations

[3] Those who have Mangal (Mars) in the first 3 degrees of Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu or Kumbh  Please don’t take undue risks with sports, biking, driving and gym etc stuff. Also avoid getting into fights or road-rage. As I often say “Premaane ghya”. Especially those with Mangal in Mithun & Dhanu are especially active in sports and multiple activities – they are directly under scanner of Shani. This is until June 21st, 2017 and again from Oct 26th to Dec 31, 2017.

[2] Sun is now in Taurus now May 15th to June 15th. Beware Mithun and Tula with seniors, court, police etc
#Mithun and #Tula i.e. Gemini and Libra MOON signs: please use tact and diplomacy with seniors, police matters if applicable, any people with authority, professors and so on until the 15th June. There could be some tussle with seniors.
Acute dates for nakshatra:
(1) Mrig and Chitra nakshatra May 14 to may20.
(2) Ardra and Swati from May 20 to June 4
(3) Punarvasu and Vishakha from June 4 to June 14.

This is pro for Kanya for the next 3 months. End of tussle with authorities and new era of collaboration and support from them for the 3 months.
Vrishchik shows some collaboration with seniors.
Dhanu shows success over competition.
Makar shows some tactical success, inspirational moves.
Kumbh shows native proximity, pride of native and native people and closeness to senior people.
Meen could see some quick travels for presentations and expression and work that they love to do.
Mesh is about some investing gains and income.
Vrishabh is about end of tussle with seniors and coming back on track with what they want and need!

[1] Shani wakri is in the first navamansh of Moola and Budh is wakri is in on the boundary of Mesh/Meen still in Mesh) -- This is highly kaarmic. This is for first two weeks of May especially. This means some unexplained aggression or behavior of some people. Folks that have pending karma with the MATERNAL Side family -- Mama mousi, cousins or maternal grandparents etc would be reminded greatly of the same. Budh becomes maargi May 4th which helps but still in the first Navamansh in Mesh -- so still above things keep in mind. Head injury, nervous system issues are seen in births also during such time - April last 2 weeks and May first week. Kanya -- Chitra nakshatra please be vigilant. Anyone with planets like Shani Mangal drushti on KETU in the natal chart also be aware. being aware means -- PREMANE Ghya.. .Love cures everything -- be calm, serene and loving to the surroundings.. !

[7] Moon has moved to Makar India evening June 12th and will stay there until 4:27 AM June 15th Thursday earl-y morning India. This is of adverse to Kumbh Moon sign with expense to meet some older people and after that gains but some previous mistakes could get highlighted. For Mithun moon sign it shows fatigue and hard-work and like mission impossible.

Mesh has increase in workplace power. Unwanted travel
Vrishabh enter 6 good days ahead but watch inheritance stuff
Kirk to see collaborations and partnerships and maternal people
Sinvha to have party, social events and something for kids
Kanya to see quick success and kids and mom time
Tula to see some rest and rejuvenation but also travel to meet siblings and mom
Vrishchik to see some travel and siblings time, family time
Dhanu to see some investment gains and workplace power
Makar back on track with energy, avoid road rage and arguments
Meen to see income and gains and workplace power increase

[6] Chandra has moved to DHANU at 5:11AM June 10th Saturday early morning IST and it will stay there until 5:29PM Monday June 12 IST. This is tough for Makar and Vrishabh moon signs.  Chandra in Moola on Saturday until 8:04AM SUNDAY –So major things started on Saturday and Sunday early might go back to square one!  :)

MESH: Start of 6+ good days ahead, Check health, meet up mama mousi, cousins
VRISHABH: Fatigue, stress, attention to details needed, unnecessary hard-work but needed/forced :)
GEMINI: Spouse, Partnerships time and trouble at the same time! :) Emotional atyachaar possible a little bit
KIRK: Social events dinner, upset stomach, cold flue etc possible
SINGH: Kids time, good execution, good speculative gains
KANYA: Rest Rejuvenation, take care of mom and native place pending stuff
TULA: Travel mostly against your wish, expression, bhashan, presentation and so on
VRISHCHIK: Income, good speech, talking, investments gains, Income and some unexpected income too
DHANU: Back on track with much needed energy optimism, workplace stress and productivity
MAKAR: Expense & travel to meet older and knowledgeable people, payment for good advice :)
KUMBH: Income from and due to older people or poor people too! Inheritance issues!
MEEN: Workplace influence up, good productivity, Collaborations with Guru type people (experts)

[5] Chandra has moved to VRISHCHIK at 16:35pm June 7th Wednesday India time. It will stay there until 5:11AM June 10th Saturday early morning India. This shows tough & rough time to DHANU and MESH moon signs. Dhanu shows some expense & partnerships arguments. Mesh shows fatigue & peeda due to or in travel.

MESH: Physical pains, Peeda, Fatigue, travel with or for cousins
VRISHABH: Partnerships collaborations and income from siblings, spicy food
GEMINI: Social events, dinner, upset stomach, arguments in parties
KIRK: Kids time, expense for kids and siblings, good execution
SINGH: Rest Rejuvenation, income or good luck near native & support from friends, siblings etc
KANYA: Travel, presentation and expression to increase power and workplace influence
TULA: Family time, travel with or for family, good food away, income
VRISHCHIK: Back on track with energy and optimism -- drive carefully, avoid driving rash especially with friends or cousins / siblings, Call up siblings how they are doing (Vishakha nakshatra)
DHANU: Expense, Arguments with partners, spouse etc
MAKAR: Income, success over competition (Dhanistha), pro time
KUMBH: Workplace influence, training imparting or undergoing, stress but happening
MEEN: Start of good 6+ days ahead -- Travel to meet mom or siblings friends at native place possible.

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