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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Purpose of Life: (1) Obligations of this life

Purpose of Life:  Part-1 - Obligations of this life

(1) Let us start with obligations of life which are the most important aspects of "purpose" behind this life apart from getting paid for good deeds and following one's desire in some specific subject further.
(2) Horoscope SHANI placement, Shani drushti predominantly shows MOST overt obligation or direction of "paying back" or even deficiencies of past life karma!! For example, Shani in 5th house shows lesser kids and also after a lot of efforts and positive karma and delays (Walmbi Shani). It also shows success in study after a LOT OF Hard-work. It shows more auditing nature, policing nature than outright imaginative or brilliance of some kind. It shows ACQUIRED intelligence and not something born with! This Shani drushti on 7th house (marriage) and 2nd house underscores late start to marriage or starting family also! Similarly. Shani in 1st house shows DUTY towards masses; Lack of great health in childhood and obligation towards siblings (3rd house) and relationships (late starts or obligations) and so on. 8th house Shani shows hurt made to masses in the past life and inheritance related misdeeds which indicate that this life should not inherit a lot of stuff and certainly not in young age for sure -- Also drushti on 10th house shows obligation towards father, seniors and 5th house drushti shows delayed kids and hard work in study!
(3) NOW == 6 8 12 houses again show obligations in this life for sure. Lata Mangeshkar Mars in 6th house -- had to take responsibility of her siblings & also faced some fierce competition and bitter fights with friends too. Close friends or even siblings becoming rivals!
(4) I have 8th house Shani and Mars which shows obligations to wards siblings and more so masses - as I might have misdirected people to spend money in the past life or taken money disproportionate amounts for my advice etc etc. So,in this life -- urge to pay back by giving free advice and also ways to do sadhana and karma without making them spend a ransom! :)

(5) 12th house shows planning, architecture and spending efforts, money on something. 12th Mangal would shows spending time on wars, siblings, blood, competition strategy and so on. 12th house Shani would show obligation towards masses and also family (3rd drushti on 2nd house). Pawar Saheb has 12th house Mangal -- does not own land but has been involved and helped projects like Magarpatta to get momentum and success. Obligation of some sort only!!

As you can see, Shani in 8 and 12 shows some definite obligations as it is Shani and it is 8 12 house! :) :) Similarly, Shani in 6th house gives hell lot of money but could show health issues from time to time if not active or have bad habit (Ghutka to Pawar Saheb --developed cancer) -- 6th Shani helped give jobs to thousands of folks. Again, obligation but economic zone obligation to masses.

Balasaheb 11th house shani so great love and gains from masses and love -- but he also made masses feel they are GAINING from him -- all the times - thoughts, actions, sukoon --some sort of a direct relationship with masses as Shani 11th house (not an obligation to masses at all but 11th Shani shows obligation towards kids for sure & health 1st house and even inheritance -- got nothing!)

So, Shani position and planets in 6 8 12 and owners of 6 8 12 show you the obligations you might have towards others. Don't be too worried of just 1 planet these houses or their owner also in isolation. When 6 8 12 houses have planets with SHANI drushti or with Shani with them -- matters becomes serious! :) Add Mangal drushti and matters also become volatile and bloody! :) One should be worried about extreme yogas and they ALREADY know the harm caused by them without meeting an astrologer thru a missing organ or a week organ or week eye sight and etc etc!!

Too extreme bad yogas and too extreme good yogas -- Astrologers hardly have anything to do!? Wrong actually – the earlier one starts by checking the obligations, earlier they can pay, paving a way for a much better life after age of say 30.  However, It is the middle-class things of life where tonics, doctors and astrologers are useful! :)

Births on 8 17 26 or 4 13 22 31 (31 less so) add to the planets in 6 8 12 or Shani effects in the horoscope!!
Will modify this one

That is why a kid’s chart should not be used for “future” etc analysis but more for SWOT analysis – what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats! So there is NO harm to check a kid’s chart as long as the purpose is to check how we can help and start as early as possible!


  1. Brilliant article, again. Thanks.
    I have a feeling when someone works towards fulfilling karmic obligations, it brings peace to the mind, even if it is obligations. Is that right?
    Milind, i am sending you an email with the birth details of my two children. Could you please inform me a swot analysis?
    Let me know how to pay for the same.Not on facebook, sorry.

    1. Sure Sarvesh. I am not sure I found the email -- will check it out -- Please send a reply on top of it again

    2. Thanks Milind. I just resent the email, at 11:29 pm, 7 june, india time.
      The subject is "From Sarvesh: Swot analysis for my kids".
      Looking forward to your valuable advice.

    3. Yup! Replied back with the details Sarvesh...

  2. What if shani is in 2nd house ?

  3. Milind Sir ,
    What about karmic debt if Shani is in 7th house???

  4. What if Shani is in its own house or uccha sthana