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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Shani Change 2017 from June 21 2017 to Oct26 2017

Shani Change 2017 from June 21 2017 to Oct26 2017

This article applies only for the period of June 21 to Oct 26 of 2017. For overall Shani impact in 2017 please check article:

Shani will enter Vrishchik again on June 21st. It will travel backwards (wrt earth) & it will become maargi (direct) on August 26th at 27:05 degrees. It will enter DHANU again on Oct 26th. This retrograde and direct movement is especially troublesome to the last 3 degrees of Vrishchik (Jyeshtha 4th charan) predominantly with health and well-being. This also means folks born from say Dec13 to Dec16 (Vrishchik SUN) would have acute issues. Both Issues with self and father (heart/spine) and kidney/internal reprod system organs.

Overall for world politics and various countries especially Mesh dominated ones like (na)Pakistan this movement are quite bad. Unrest is highly likely. Shani movement to Dhanu for good in Oct 26, 2017 however would be great for (na)Pakistan and they would see some progress and feel good. This coincides with India sadesati start. This Shani will be directly opposite to Trump’s Sun (June 14th) so it could see face-off with the law-makers.

(1) MESH (ARIES): Leftover pending 8th Shani effect
Shani 8th from Nov2014 has been an adverse impact! Now these 4 months show some leftover pending stuff from the 8th Shani which was not delivered completely. This concerns the Krittika nakshatra of Mesh rashi mostly and a little bit of Bharani nakshatra (4th Charan of Bharani) but not much Ashwini. Ashwini nakshatra would hardly see a direct impact. The 8th Shani brings back to the light previous investment mistakes, ignored health issues, inheritance tussle. The 8th Shani shows lower profile with very less number of customer, consumers, employees reporting to you. It is more of a “lone worker” or desk-job or working as an SME without too much maas-base. Of course, 9 10 111th Shani supports for 7 years from Nov2017 so keep patience – the great times are just around the corner.

The Last time Shani was 9 10 11 in the 90s – Bill Clinton, Lakrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar and Imran Khan who are MESH rashi folks -- were doing quite well in their respective fields. They started sadesati from late 1995.

Shani becomes 7th again for these 4 months from June21 to Oct26, 2017. This 7th Shani would be mostly applicable to Mrig Nakshatra 2nd charan which is in Vrishabh and less so to the Rohini and almost none to Krittika. The 7th Shani brings focus back to previous mistakes of partnerships, collaborations & marriage stuff. It also shows pending issues with your mom’s health. Be careful with deceases that spread thru water. Don’t drink & eat at shady joints. This Shani is more about domestic trouble due to spouse, mom impact with emotional tests. Krittika could be some temp solace from inheritance issues.
Shani becomes 6th again to Gemini for these 4 months from the 21st-June-2017 to 26-Oct—2017. 6th house Shani conquers enemies by your positional advantage and politics and mass-base. It changes your profile and people working with you. So these 4 months Punarvasu nakshatra 3rd & 2nd charan mostly will see these good impacts of 6th Shani which wasn’t paid off completely until Jan2017! Mrig nakshatra of Gemini will see temporary solace from partnerships/spouse issues! :)
Shani back to the 5th house from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. This means focus back again to kids, education, slow but steady execution and not speculation and quick execution. Avoid dramatic forecasting and expecting quick results. But yes Shani completed your projects in these 4 months – finishing touches!

This is more applicable to Ashlesha Nakshatra & more so to the 4th Charan of Ashlesha. Punarvasu nakshatra of Kirk will see some initiatives that would have increased their mass-base being delayed for a bit. They would pick up from Oct 2017! :)

Shani back to the 4th house is not the best news! It means again good time to bhajan and harinaam saptaah! Rejuvenation and refreshments and studying much needed books and NOT actions! Domestic issues and infighting trouble. Mom health and native place issues. Some sympathy & support from your mass-base but a slow period. This is more so for Uttaraphaluguni folks and not for Poorvaphalguni and Magha nakshatra. Magha nakshatra will see some delays of results which started in the 5th Shani from Feb2017 and will need to wait until Nov2017 for them to start again. But kid’s related issues will be lesser until Oct end.

Kanya gets their almighty 3rd Shani back – allows them to play king maker by using their mass-base. It makes them in a good position to call some shots. Temporary feeling of being in power again! Some travels and key presentations also coming your way. This is more for Chitra nakshatra of Kanya. Uttaraphalguni of Kanya will see temporary solace from the 4th Shani’s saturation which hits very hard! Some temp solace from domestic trouble! :)

Tula gets 2nd (Sadesati) Shani back! Investments mistakes previous are brought to notice again. Investments are advised slow and steady without any hurry. Family elders will need to some attention. Use words carefully. This is more so for Vishakha nakshatra 3rd and 2nd charan in Tula. Chitra nakshatra power of 3rd Shani is taken away for 4 months so you need to wait until Nov2017 to again start playing a king maker by rallying around your mass-base / employees reporting to you etc.

Shani back to your rashi for these 4 months is again testing your Temper emotions and toughness! :) Attention to mom needed and father – bosses would act weird. Patience is the virtue. This is more for Jyeshtha 3rd and 4th Charan more so. Mom health – self kidney and reproductive organs worry. Drink water at good places and clean one. Vishakha of Vrishchik sees some temp solace from investment issues. Use these 4 months to make some adjustments.

[9] DHANU / Sagittarius
Shani back to being 12th (expense, investments) house means losing a few more people, employees and the mass-base which was stopped somehow from Feb to June. Shani will complete its de-mass-base and “making you work alone” mission. Some lessons that were ignored to be learned. This is more so for Uttarashadha nakshatra 1st charan which is in Dhana and Poorvashadha 4th Charan. Moola will see issues with mom and self-health going temp away for 4 months. BUT still try to lose weight if carrying extra it will hit hard in 2018.

[10] MAKAR / Capricorn
Shani goes back to the 11th house.  Now Rajanikanth will again release a movie instead of faalatu Sadesati politics thoughts! :) Mass-base will temp come back for giving you leftover MONEY that is rightfully yours. Some gains are highly likely. This is more for Dhanishtha nakshatra of Makar.

Uttarashadha of Makar will see reduction of sadesati effects – means – slower rate of losing your mass-base and going away from people – but anyways this is temp and understand that it will start from Nov2017 again = so try to use 9th Guru and acquire new knowledge – Knowledge will set you free and get you a good position! :)

[11] KUMBH / Aquarius
Kumbh gets 10th Shani back for 4 months. Means older people stopping your way but you need their advice.! :) Stress and happening stuff but CAREFULL attention to detail is needed to the basics of your business and work – else some gross -underestimation is possible which would impact later on. However. Mass base increases again. However, the paycheck is delayed after Nov2017. This is more so for PoorvaBhadrapada of Kumbh (2 3 charan).

Dhanishtha of Kumbh sees temporary stoppage of getting paid handsomely! But also seen relax mom health. They will see increase income from Nov2017 now.

[12] MEEN / Pisces

Meen gets the 9th Shani back – the mass base which just stopped short of coming your way will now come to you! You will get some good people/customers etc who would report to you for the next 5 years and help you grow. Some travel is possible. This is more so for Revati nakshatra 3rd and 4th Charan. PoorvaBhadrapada 4th charan in meen will see temp reducing stress at workplace – but you will need older people to help you but they will also stop your way from Nov onwards.


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    I am vrischik jyestha. Experiencing extreme emotional stress and disagreement wth spouse. He is meen revati. Kindly advice