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Monday, June 12, 2017

Transits by Moon Lagna or Surya?

Transits by Moon or Lagna or Surya
The simple answer is from all planets! But we can’t write articles from all planets so it is predominantly written for one sign and most astrologers recommend using it from the Moon sign. I always get this question if transit to be seen from Moon or lagna or Surya. This article tries to address this holistically!

Yes, the desires of a person play a huge part in the way the person goes about their business. Desires drives behaviors and actions /karma and hence the outcome. What we got by birth was our destiny (lagna and planets as per lagna) and we make out of them depends on the desires (Moon). Moon is emotions, desires and the fastest sign changing planet. Hence it becomes first and foremost when it comes to transit of other planets from your moon sign. However, let us say that the destiny of a person shown by lagna-chart is very strong good or bad both. Then it would be worthwhile to also check the transits by Lagna-rashi. If the chart is strong by Surya rashi then even that becomes important.

What makes a Sign more powerful or strong: Planets in the 3 5 9 11 houses makes a sign in your horoscope very strong whether it occupies a planet or not! :) For example, Sinvha rashi was very powerful when I was born but I have nothing in the Sinvha rashi! :) Incidentally my name turned out to be as per Sinvha rashi! :) And total 18 mysteriously without intentions (my life-path number).

Following are the scenarios where Lagna-Rashi should be considered for transits:
1.     When majority of the planets are 3 5 7 9 11 to Lagna and NOT Moon then the lagna-rashi will become prominent for transits
2.     When Sun or Lagnesh (owner of the first house) is in the First house – means double / triple impact on one sign.
3.     When Chandra-Swami or Surya-Swami planets or both is in the lagna-rashi!
4.     When moon is in the 5th or 9th house then either of the sign is fine as they are so much in sync! Greatest people have moon in the 1st 5th or the 9th house as it shows destiny and desires are n sync and hence efforts are much more focused and channeled!
5.     When Moon is in the 8th or 6th house but there are planets 5th 7th or 3rd 11th to moon then BOTH Moon and Lagna transits should be checked.
6.     If there are multiple planets in the first house (not Sun or Moon) – then also lagna becomes very important.
7.     Numerology Supporting Lagna more than Chandra. Say Lagna Kanya and Chandra in Kumbh. And Bdate of 5 14 23 would make lagna more active. Or say Mesh Lagna and Kanya rashi and Birthdate of 9 18 27 – Mesh lagna becomes important too.
8.     The HEALTH aspects are predominantly experienced from Lagna and lesser from Chandra.

It could be also said with a lot of accuracy that childhood Destiny drives us a lot as we are not independent. So Lagna becomes very important as most of the actions are done by others by the age of say 5/6 etc! Chandra and Mangal start ruling a lot more when we start running around and start going to school. In this initial period both Lagna and Chandra/Mangal impact us quite a bit. A bit more say age of 9/10 and we are fully in DESIRES mode! :) And We mostly stay in that mode for the rest of the life until we start career (say age of 20/22) when Surya starts becoming very important. We behave as per Sun Sign in the office (outward display) and we act or SHOW the moon sign (emotions) at home a lot.

However, all said and done our desires which means MOON which also we use to calculate Vinshottari Mahadasha Antardasha for all planets (& not lagna) is very very important for transits. Yes no planets 3 5 9 11 to moon and a lot of planets 3 5 7 11 to Lagna then lagna does become loaded for transits! Even in that case one must check transits from Moon as your desires decide your happiness index and not what others feel how you are doing!! :)

[B] Transits (Gochar) Thoughts: Weekly Monthly Annual Articles's Good and Bad Results for you.
You might need to see good results from one sign and bad results from another one! Please check below.

(1) If you have more planets 1 3 5 7 9 11 from Chandra then good results of transits (Weekly/Monthly/Annual) will be seen from Chandra (Moon).
(2) If Ascendant/Rising has more planets 1 3 5 7 9 11 then good results will be seen from Ascendant (rising-sign/lagna-rashi)
(3) if planets are 1 4 7 10 from Chandra then stressful and chaotic and problematic transits will be seen from Moon more. The same applies to rising-sign/lagna-rashi. If planets are 1 4 7 10 from Lagna/rising then bad/chaotic stuff will be seen from lagna more so.
(3B) 1 and 7 (means with or opposite moon/rising will also increase good results and bad results BOTH)

So you at times would need to see good results from one sign and bad results from another if you have such formations! Say Moon has planets 5 9 and Moon is in the 12 4 6 or 8 houses! :) Then good results from moon and bad results from lagna/rising will be seen more! :)

Usually a chart is mixed of both. But sometimes you wonder that bad results are easily seen from Moon but good results are not coming your way from Moon! :) Reason could be 1 3 5 7 11 planets from Lagna and 1 4 7 10 more from Chandra or more so 4 and 10 from Lagna! :) :)

Especially, planets 5 9 from lagna-rising/Chandra give great results in transits from lagna/Chandra. Especially, planets in 4 10 and give bad results of transits more so as they are from Chandra/Rising.

(I purposely keep using Chandra/Moon interchangeably for use of all folks :) )


  1. To assess transit impact on self physically, take lagna or to assess mentally take Chandra.. you will get the answers.

  2. Thank you sir ...
    kumar Mritunjay

  3. Thank you Sir...I have sun,Moon, Mercury and saturn in Cancer lagna... So my lagna , moon sign and sun sign all same...

  4. Milind, excellent analysis and blog on this. Your thinking makes sense. However, I think nothing alone can be attributed to one factor. For example, Mahadasa Antardash takes priority over any transit for sure. But then Lagna based transit is more important or Chandra based, is a million dollar question. I am a Kanya, okay, I mean Chandra rashi with Mesha Lagna. And my 10th house has four planets -- Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu. That is 5th to Moon as per your write up. So I should give Moon transit more weightage than Lagna. But 2016 June, when Shani was in my 3rd house transit, I lost job but it was 8th from Lagna. So what say you? I was thinking Shani in 3rd is parakrami but I lost job even after signing a deal of $267M in USA. You know better, I don't have to tell you. So what I am saying is, it is not straight forward to go by one principle. Nevertheless, when Shani moved to 9th house from lagna in January, I got another job. Never in my long career I was out of job for such a long time. Anyway, Shani is getting bakri on 21st, I am worried. But Prabhu kuch na kuch karenge. Nevertheless, I read your blog as they are very analytical. Let me know if ever visit somewhere close to Boston. Would definitely visit and talk to you face to face someday. Thank you for your service to mankind.

  5. @Subhranshu Das - I got a job in Jan-2016 after saturn transit to 8th from lagna and 12th from moon(start sadesati). I also have Aries Lagna (Dhanu moon sign). So from your point of view, Is this completely depends on dasha-antardasha?

    1. Sachin, I am no way qualified but have been doing some readings and observing many horoscopes and their respective life pattern over years, hence I will respond to your query based on that. Milind is the expert and master in this subjest and I was asking him a question in my post. But let me clarify your question, if you got a job in Jan-2017 (I assume you meant 2017 instead of 2016), because Saturn transit was in Jan-2017 and not in 2016! Anyway, Saturn moved to Dhanu from Vrischik. Okay. So if you are Aries Lagna then it moved from your 8th to 9th. But if your Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) is also Dhanu that means, you are already under Sade Sati. Which means you are under water from both sides. But from a Lagna analysis, 9th is anyday better then 8th. Anyday. Milind can through his expertise here, but I have never seen a bad house as 8th, even worse than 12th. Be it Sun or Saturn or Jupiter, everybody makes life miserable in 8th house. Having said that Mahadasa and Antardasa takes always priority. Always. So in my case I am Kanya Rashi and my Shani was in 3rd house. I sold a deal in USA for $267M in April and I got laid off in June 2016. I am running Shani Mahadasa with Budha Antardasa. Imagine I am a Aries or Mesha Lagna, meaning Shani is bad for me and in my 10th house and Budha also in 10th house and both of them are bad for Aries Lagna. So even if Shani was in transit from Kanya Rashi (Moon sign) in 3rd house, parakrama house, it could not save me from laid off due to down sizing even if I performed very well. So Shani was in 8th house and then in Jan-2017 when Shani moved to 9th from Lagna and 4th from Moon Sign that is Kanya, I got job in the biggest and most famous branded company in the world. Just imagine. But because Shani moved to 9th from Lagna. I am still under pressure because it is Shani Mahadasa and then Budha antardas. Then will come Ketu antardas and then will come Sukra anatardas which is even bad because Sukra is a maraka as well. So Transit results contribute approx 30% whereas Mahadas and antardasa counts 70% and then in transit you have to see both from Lagna and Moon Sign and take the average, I should say. Because I am still confused as to which one ONLY counts. I have no clue. I know Milind goes with Chandra Rashi but many others say it is Lagna which counts more but sade sati should be seen from Chandra. anyway, good luck my friend. I was aksing Milind actually if he can explain, if there is a golden rule to determine, which horoscope transit should be seen from Lagna and which ones should be seen from Chandra Rashi. I think he has an answer to that. He explained once to me via email but I did not understand it that well as I am not an expert.

    2. Subhranshu Dasji - I got job in Jan-2016 (not 2017). I was always thinking that 8th saturn always supersedes the Dasha-Antardasha period (obviously thats why its called Ashtama Shani). But I am facing lots of health issues since Saturn in scorpio(8th). Before 2014 I am not a stable person, but 8th saturn gives me stability in job (job is not so creative type, its repetative work- typical 8th saturnian tendency type job).