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Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is Astrology Part3: Probabilistic Science / Art of Probabilities

The article itself is about Not so obvious! What is astrology can be answered by two simple words: “Probabilistic science” – or Science or rather “art of probabilities”. Probabilities of something happening would be always from 10 to say 90/95 % but of something NOT happening is also AT THE SAME TIME is 100-10% to 100-90/90%! J So it is NOT an EXACT Science. Why is so – Why it can’t be exact – The Sanskrit Granth say that Shivji has cursed this science and hence and some describe in a shloka that “Who else than the creator Brahma knows what is really going to happen?” We can answer it in a more elaborate way by this article! There are so many astrological formations which are contradictory in the same horoscope – and hence the word probability!

Sometimes you wonder what to do with all these things in astrology. I see many posts across Astrology groups and the sheer amount of confusion is unprecedented. It takes years for an astrology student to make sense or rather come to senses and remove chaos and noise from the information. The “Laal Kitaab” is “DTulahanya” – “He Raam” sort of a book of whatever parts I have read it. Not using palmistry and numerology is FINE but having arrogance about not using them is again “Dhanya” and “He Raam”!! The REAL crux of the analysis if WHEN to use WHICH theory and ignore other theories that might be insignificant for THAT specific horoscope and that specific question or topic of analysis! For example, Children / Kids – (Santati/Santaan Yog) – one single horoscope could have various different things at the same time – WHICH ONE would be more crucial and which stage of life (timelines) is the REAL crux and what about partner’s horoscope!??:)   Just look at the sheer list of things below which is used to impress a customer or put fear in the customer. These mere terms of astrology would leave you speechless…!

1.       12 House of horoscope and what each house means
2.       Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha Trikon in horoscope
3.       Raashi, Nakshatra, Charan, upa-charan and their Swamis/owners! Their characteristics – topic of a PhD!
4.       Nakshatra – Dev, Manushya, Rakshas
5.       Devata and Wanaspati and so on of nakshatras
6.       Planets – their Descriptions, their characteristics and their impact in each sign – a PhD topic!
7.       Planets’ impact in each house of a horoscope; Combined with signs and nakshatra
8.       Planet friendships, enemies, neutral
9.       Drishti of planets on houses and other planets and what they mean! Guru 5 7 9, Shani 3 7 10; Mangal 4 7 8 and so on! :)
10.    Bhavesh in various house i.e. 12 Bhavesh in 12 houses – 144 combinations (L1 in 1, 2 3, 4 etc and so on for L2, L3 etc etc L means Lord/Owner)
11.    Navamansh Kundali, Saptamansh, Dashamansh and so on divisional chart
12.    Bhavchalit kundali
13.    Chandra Kundali – all the analysis of Lagna kundali to be also seen from Chandra Kundali…!!
14.    Yuti Yog, Pratiyog, Kendrayog, Navapancham, 2-12, shad-ashtak, Sunafa, Anafa, Maala, Anonya yoga, Chandaal Yog, Wish Yog & 1000 more J
15.    Retrograe / Wakri (!! The Most controversial topic!)
16.    KrishnaMurthy Method (Highly effective for Prashna shatra) – it is a whole BIG discipline and highly mathematical
17.    Bhav, Bhavesh,
18.    Kaarak planets
19.    Planets – friends and enemies
20.    Astangat
21.    Raashi - Gandaant
22.    Goon-Milan (!!)
23.    Manglik – Kada, Soumya
24.    Kaap-Sarp(!!!)
25.    Shani Mangal yog…!
26.    Winshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha and their meanings
27.    GOCHAR Phal
28.    Ashtottari Mahadasha
29.    Yogini Mahadasha
30.    Deen-Phal, Varsha-phal method
31.    More…

All these things would tell you that there is always a good reason to explain why something happened the way it happened! J But it is very very difficult to PREDICT what is really going to happen! Several of these contradictory things can make an appearance in ONE single horoscope – making prediction probability (there goes the word again) at times very less. Only things that are certain and obvious and repeated in Lagna Kundali (3 things-- Bhav, Bhavesh and Kaarak), indication in the Chandra Kundali, Exact degrees (Bhavachalit /Navamansh & more divisional charts) scan be predicted with some certainty – which is never the case. It is obvious as most folks have past karma which is mixed and not too intense in one single direction. When the past karma is in one single direction then you have unavoidable certainty to a prediction. When some things are very good or very bad in the past karma you already know the greatness of damage they can caused and you don’t need an astrologer to tell you that. Or only use would be to know for an astrologer that – YES this Horoscope works as these events or these conditions exist in their life (validity of a horoscope). The use of astrologer is for those things where you past karma id MIDDLE CLASS! J i.e. average, below average where THIS LIFE karma matters a LOT! Astrologer is nothing but a SWOT analyzer! Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat in a Horoscope is what a job of an astrologer is.

WRONG Questions to an astrologer: When will my marriage happen, When will I get a job or change a job…

RIGHT Questions: When should I get married (when would I meet a right person)? When Should I change job or expect a job or rather wait for a proper job etc.

Astrology A Myth or Science:

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