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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rahu & Ketu Change in September 2017 (2018 Horoscope)

Rahu Ketu Change in 2017 (Horoscope 2017 / 2018)
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Rahu changes from Singh to KIRK (Cancer) sign on Sept 9th, 2017 at 4:57AM. It will stay there for the next 18 months until March 24th,2019. Likewise, KETU changes from Kumbh to Makar rashi. This change is highly Karmic with Raahu! Actually, anyone born in July August and Until Sept 9th is going to have some acute stuff with heart issues in the paternal side family and it is going to be more so in the father’s mother family. The kids born from Sept 9th to next 2 months will have similar stuff with the lungs but also heart somewhat. The first 3.33 degrees of Singh and the last 3.33 degrees of Kirk are highly Kaarmic. So whenever I am asked questions about C-Section deliveries I am thinking regardless of what we do we can hardly change the degrees of Shani Guru Rahu Ketu Neptune Uranus and hardly for Mangal and Shukra Surya also if somewhat for Chandra and Lagna – yes. But as you can see whole lot of DNA and Karma is imbibed on these LARGE planets which hardly move! :)

Ignoring these Kaarmic degrees which are not the best for anyone on the mother Earth, this Rahu change is going to be great for Vrishabh (3rd Raahu), Meen (5th Raahu), Kanya (11th Rahu), Kumbh (6th Rahu) and Vrishchik (9th Rahu). It is good and OK for Tula (10th Rahu). It is less than average for Mithun (as Ketu becomes 8th). It is average for Kirk (not bad). It is not good or adverse for Singh (Leo) and Dhanu (Sagittarius). It helps to check Rahu Ketu from lagna rashi as the physical and DNA impact of Rahu Ketu is more from lagna rashi.

Posted for the first 3 signs : Will post remaining over the weekend.


The 4th house Rahu and the 10th house Ketu. Rahu being hedonist, material, ambitious and aggressive etc it is pretty useless in the moksha-trikon house of 4th (Sukh-sthan). It can create some frustration as an ambitious guy is asked to sit around enjoy TV fridge and Microwave Owen etc! :). This is at personal level. At family level it means good meeting and quality time spent with paternal elders and paternal family near your native place. As 4th house is also lungs and Kirk rashi is also lungs, any lungs heart issues in the paternal family will be highlighted. It will also show, support from people of different caste culture etc near the native place or simply near your new “BASE” which you have settled in for some time.

Ketu in the 10th house is also somewhat a misfit as Ketu is sukoon calm and spiritual whereas the 10th house is career business production & money. However, it does means meeting with evolved, ultra-experts and decorated people at workplace. Some high-level knowledge or upper level strategy will become part of your work also. Maternal family is seen becoming a bit more ambitious than usual and will do well financially. You could do some business ventures with the maternal folks.


The 3rd house Rahu is a natural and strong position of Rahu. It is particularly great for artists to expand their sphere of influence to different culture race language people or different geographies. The Parakram house Rahu shows that you gains some positional power and able to play sort of a king-maker. It enhances your image particularly in the people of different culture – just that you shouldn’t become their MONKEY as they will be gone after 18 months and you will be back to your own people! :) This Rahu shows your visible impact on surroundings. You will move a lot of stuff and gain material wealth. Your image would be larger than your actual worth but you will deserve it. Don’t engulf in hysteria as it is easy to do in the 3rd Rahu influence. Remember, you can’t hold on to it! You will have picnics or leisure activities with the paternal family. The 3rd house Rahu shows you getting most of the positive karma by paternal family (80%) and even if paternal family has done lot of wrong things – you in this period will only see 20% impact of that bad karma

The 9th Ketu is also a strong position for Ketu. It shows being dutiful and getting higher strategic responsibilities. All the good karma from the maternal family will help you gain good image abroad or distant places 9 hrs away or simply abroad. You will work for and alongside some highly evolved experts and they will value you a bit more as you have some support from the 3rd Rahu different caste culture people which these highly evolved people will appreciate. This Ketu is all about bhagya-karak events and increases your luck and standing.


The 2nd house Raahu shows some hedonism and aggression with wealth management. It shows greed which has its own good and effects. “Greed is good” for some people and not all and it eventually lands one in jail etc like Gordon Gekko! :) Anyways, this Rahu does show some quick gains. But as it is in a Rashi owned by Moon which is a very fast moving astral body which shows on and off days in quick succession, do not count on this Rahu to always yield positive gains from quick investments. It is difficult to ride the bull of 2nd Rahu especially when it is in such fast-moving planet’s rashi! This Rahu means paternal family will be more materialistic in this period.

KETU in the 8th house could show inheritance tussle with maternal family. It shows you or maternal folks having hereditary issues. Health is #1 job for maternal elders and family. Your obligation to some temple church etc will be exposed in this movement too. It is always useful to donate and visit temples and spiritual places in the 8th house Ketu movements as it is something you will be lacking in the 8th Ketu 18 months! Maternal family will create some challenges and you will need to deal with them with patience.


RAHU is your rashi is personality transformation, new image and new phase of life. Rahu goes over horoscope Rahu at the age of 18th 36th 48th etc and that is also a transformation time. However, Rahu going over Chandra is an equally important transformation period. It is action prone and in some ways even agitation prone. It is good for folks in service or 9 to 5 job. The 1st house is of Dharma-Trikon which helps with specific daily weekly and monthly etc responsibilities. Rahu in rashi can make you a bit agitated, angered from time to time. Losing patience is Rahu thing! :) Hysteria is an extreme result of Rahu but for an emotional sign like Kirk it is lesser so. But it does make Kirk a bit more sensitive and touch-feely than usual. You will get to or need to perform your duties towards the paternal elders. The position in career or life in Rahu in the rashi is directly related to the paternal family unpaid good/bad karma they have left behind. It is difficult to break free from family, caste, culture, society, country karma! :)

KETU in the 7th house shows some picnic, leisure etc events with the maternal family. Possible to do some collaborations with the maternal folks.


Raahu change to the 12th house of expense shows increase in expense for the paternal elders, health or some obligations. It shows some long-term investments of time money and efforts for the paternal relatives and overall family well-being. It is your turn to help the paternal family now. Hereditary stuff with the heart or lungs could be seen for you or your paternal family elders. This Rahu can show some conflict with people of different caste culture or simply distant / abroad people. You should avoid road-rage or even interfering or mediating any road-rage etc events. They will backfire unnecessarily out of control.

KETU in the 6th house shows working with some evolved, well placed and highly ranked people. Providing service to such well-placed people & gaining money out of it. 6th being house of decease can show some hereditary health issues from the maternal side. As Makar doesn’t have an ultra-sensitive or intense degree like Kirk-Ashlesha, this is minor.


The 11th Rahu is a great news for Kanya rashi! It shows increased income & gains and blessings from the paternal elders. Support & gains from people of different background (caste culture language etc). After the 12th house Rahu investment of time money and efforts of the past 18 months it is a time to gain from such efforts now in the 11th Raahu. Even though paternal family has some bad karma, in this period you will mostly get to experience whatever positive they had. This Rahu is great for freelance or self-employed folks quite a bit.

Ketu in the 5th house shows recognition and good name due to your buddhi/knowledge and intelligence. Kids will do well in education or some achievements. Most of the maternal family good-karma will be experienced in this period even though there is some bad karma from them it will not affect much in this 5th Ketu movements.


The 10th house Rahu is still happening. It shows some image projects or work in career or good image at the workplace. The paternal Rahu in the paternal house of father is a good match. It means your father could have hereditary good & bad things of the paternal family. You will also have both predominantly good & some bad things karma that the paternal elders have left behind. 10th Rahu can show greed hysteria & aggression at workplace which if kept well focused can work magic. Else it can show irritation & frustration which people working for you would find very troubling. 10th Rahu shows support from people of different caste culture language folks at the workplace. Greed is good if kept in control.

The 4th house Ketu is also natural as moksha astral body (not planet :)) in Moksha house. It shows meetings with maternal folks near & dear ones. Visiting religious places temples with the maternal folks. Also broad level maternal folks are more in sukoon and 10th  Rahu paternal folks are more into practical stuff. The 4th Ketu is about rejuvenation and reading and preparing for the 3rd Ketu’s positivity and action! Read as much as you can.


9th Rahu and 3rd Ketu are a bit of a misfit as they both like opposite houses and are natural at Rahu 3rd and Ketu 9th but still these two are happy in 3-9 and 5-11 houses quite a bit so this is good 18 months for Vrishchik a far as Rahu-Ketu are concerned.

Rahu moving to the 9th house is a blessing in this 12th Guru period. Rahu releases the pressure cooker steam of the 10th house movements which results in a good position for you which has specific duties. Bhagya-sthan Rahu reduced rough edge of hedonist Rahu and gives good direction. It is a well-directed energy which usually Rahu is not known for. Paternal family might have both good and bad karma but for next 18 months from September you would see mostly positive karma of paternal family coming your way and helping you achieve. Travel could happen for mysterious reasons. This 9th Rahu is good for astrologer or alternate healing method folks to travel to abroad or distant places for mysticism and occult stuff.

The 3rd house Ketu shows leisure activities with the maternal family. Picnics, attending concerts or such “uchcha-abhiruchi” stuff with the maternal family is likely. Travelling for presentations or speeches or some sort of expression is also very likely. The presentations would be well directed and well appreciated. KETU in the house of Shani and Shani in the Moola nakshatra in 2018 doesn’t help Ketu much. So there is limit to have long term results from Ketu. But still Shani 2nd and Ketu 3rd could show income by travelling which is hard-earned and righteous & well-deserved.


The 8th house Rahu means hereditary issues of paternal family health could be seen to self and paternal elders. Shows some adversity from people of different caste culture or language. Some pending karma or obligation will have to be paid to paternal family and also these groups of people of different caste culture etc. People from 2 rungs below your level would oppose you at some occasions. Use good shoes etc as you could see issues from serpents as 8th house is hidden stuff below and just near the ground. Avoid shady places or places where shady stuff grows or lives. Stay in the open and in the Sun! :) paternal family is seen not dong great in this period or you would be not in sync with these folks even if they are doing well.

The 2nd Ketu in Makar – economic and productive sign shows good material activities by the maternal family. Good income from maternal family help is possible. Shani in Raashi and Ketu in Shani rashi – Shani Ketu will help get new mass-base and new higher skilled mass-base. There could be some definite responsibility coming your way which is cryptic and CLISHT and attention to details is required.


The 7th house Rahu shows leisure events with the paternal family. Picnics or some collaborations with the paternal family quite likely. They will take ownership and you will pitch-in. Paternal family will become active and move stuff around.

Ketu in your sign gives some sukoon and calm much needed in Sadesati but it shows your obligations to some religious places or temples exposed. It shows some duty to be performed for the Maternal family and elders. Shani in the 12th house shows expense for the maternal family and your obligations. Expense is time money and energy/efforts and not just money! KETU will help get help -advice from some evolved people which will help in this sadesati chaos! Rajanikanth meeting with RSS folks?! :)


6th house Rahu is shatru-nash, success over competition, increased income due to working with people of different caste culture or language. More active paternal family in material world. Your image will be very high in these people of different types than you which will now work for you. Your image will be higher than your ability now! Enjoy this 6th Rahu 11th Shani and 9th Guru. Hillary Clinton might wish that the election happened in such planetary formations. :)

The 12th Ketu shows expense of time money effort for the maternal family. Shows visiting temples religious places. Meeting evolved people and spending money or donating to evolved people. This IN TURN will help you earn more money mysteriously. Some people will see you there at such places and give you new orders! :) Such os the power of the 11th Shani which is changing outcome of 12th Ketu from expense to “income from abroad”. But this time – this abroad would be more evolved, more sukoon and more in line with your spiritual background.


The 5th house Rahu and 11th Ketu is quite good. They both like reversed houses more but still this AXIS is good in these houses. Rahu in the 5th is good for achievements but need to keep greed in control. It is the house of success and execution so it shows success by some aggression and go-getter attitude. If well directed it could show tremendous achievements. Even for students if hysteria is avoided they will get tremendous academic success. Paternal family karma and history for education will be repeated for these 18 months. KIDS would have hereditary good and bad stuff coming in from paternal DNA! :)

KETU in the 11th house is a blessing indeed. Shani in the career house, it shows meeting with evolved people getting evolved mass base (employees or customers) which is more skills and higher ability. Income will increase but stress will too.

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    1. MONKEY -- and not money! :) :) You should not become their monkey! :) :) Jumping too much around on the power provided by them! :) Corrected

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    Aries (Mesh Rashi)
    Ketu now moving through the tenth house for your sign is indicative of not being comfortable with a position in career/occupation. You may feel like changing the assignment. However, the position of other planets needs to be taken into consideration, if opt for a change. You may be not comfortable with your immediate boss or you may be at discomfort handling the task, you are entrusted with
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