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Sunday, July 2, 2017

July2017 Horoscope: Rashi-Bhavishya for all Rashi (All Signs July2017) - AstroMNC

Will update this every other day.  all times are Indian Standard time GMT plus 5:30 Posts 16 11 8 are the active ones and currently applicable.

July2017 Horoscope: Rashi-Bhavishya for all Rashi (All Signs July2017)

[16] Moon enters Leo / Singh sign at 6:01 AM India Tuesday morning July 25th, 2017. It stays there till 10:22AM Thursday morning July27th, 2017. This is tough for moon signs of Kanya / Virgo and Makar /Capricorn for these 2+ days.
MESH: Execution, Kids time, Good for taking a training and meeting seniors.
VRISHABH: Travel with or to meet mom, siblings time, Rest rejuvenation and meeting good people
GEMINI: Travel, Picnic, Presentations, Expression, Good for artists, Income
KIRK:  Income, Family time, good food, responsibilities
SINGH: Back on track with optimism & energy – still drive carefully and handle seniors or Govt etc tactfully
KANYA: Expense but for some income! :) It is more of an advance & investment from the future profit!  :)
TULA: Gains, Income, Workplace efficiency
VRISHCHIK: power, productivity, stress but happening, meeting dad possible
DHANU: Start of good 6+ days ahead. Travel and new things but handle seniors and vehicles carefully
MAKAR: Fatigue, Sleep well and take enough sleep. Sudden gains due to partners possible
KUMBH: Collaborations, spouse time, partnerships, success over competition but fatigue
MEEN: Maternal folks time, mama mousi, social event and upset stomach, Kids need attention.

[11] Sun is changing today to Kirk (Cancer) rashi 3:56pm IST July 16th 2017 it stays there until August 16th. This is tough for Moon Sign #Leo (Singh/Sinha) and #Sagittarius (Dhanu) --- handle seniors, authorities and police etc matters with tact and diplomacy.
Sun enters Cancer (Kirk) now. Acute and more specific impact will be seen on the constellations as follows:
(1) Magha and Moola until 30th July
(2) Poorva and Poorvashadha -- from 30th July to 13th August.
(3) Uttara (Leo) and Uttarashadha (Dhanu) from 13th August to 16th August
Scorpio (Vrishchik) gets seniors support and increasing harmony with authorities for the next 3 months. Tula has 2 more months of such support whereas Kanya has one more month of the best possible support from seniors until 16th August. Kumbh will have success over competition. Kirk will see much needed energy and drive to do things. Vrishabh might see quick travels and picnics and presentations etc. Mesh settles at homely environment and native after a monthlong frequent travels until July 16th.

[8] Mars / Mangal enters KIRK rashi on July 11th, 2017 at 2:28pm IST. It stays there until 7:55AM IST August 27th, 2017.  This is tough for SINGH and DHANU moon signs. This means issues with vehicles, friends, siblings, land matters. Some expense is seen for these matters. Injuries and accidents are possible in this period if not being careful. Take care of long due services or work needed for vehicles, adventure sport gears or so on. Avoid taking risks with water or mountains or adventure sports etc in this period.
(1) Magha and Moola need to be careful “more” from July11th to July31st
(2) Poorva and Poorvashadha to be careful more from August 1st to August 21st
(3) Uttara (of Singh) and Uttarashadha of Dhanu to be careful more from August 22nd to August 27th

For Mesh it shows rest rejuvenation and native place, Vrishabh it shows parakrami, expression, travel etc, Mithun it shows incremental gains, cash, trading gains etc, Kirk it shows coming back on track with energy and optimism and end of adversity from Mangal. This change is good for Kanya (income/real estate/land) and Tula it shows workplace influence and power, Vrishchik (travels) with natural support from friends siblings sports and vehicles. Makar it shows focus on spouse, relationships and also collaborations with friends. For Kumbh it shows success over competition and income but body heat - -need to eat on time. For Meen it shows tactical success, achievements, sports and kids time.

[15] Moon enters KIRK (Cancer) at 4:29AM July 23rd 2017 Sunday India early morning time. It stays there until 6:00AM July 25th 2017 India Tuesday morning. This is tough for SINGH (Leo) and DHANU (Sagittarius) Moon signs for these 2+ days.
MESH: Rest Rejuvenation fully! :) Drinks with seniors & colleagues!
VRISHABH: Expression, Presentation, picnic, travels, siblings and also quarrels – good for sports folks
GEMINI: Income, Gains, investments, family time – mostly maternal
KIRK:  Back on track with optimism & energy, lot of positivity and moving around.
SINGH: Expense, Watch Seniors, Watch friends, Drive slow, obey rules of traffic avoid long travels IF possible.
KANYA: Income – multiple gains and feel good – lot of people to help!
TULA: Workplace productivity and energy, influence at workplace great – meeting dad or seniors at workplace possible
VRISHCHIK: Start of good 6+ days ahead, Good luck - -capitalize on it.
DHANU: Fatigue and running around unnecessarily. Expense and nonsense/nuisance value period! :)
MAKAR: Spouse partnerships time, arguments but collaborations with siblings & friends, good for group sports
KUMBH: Dinner, Social events and even POLITICAL dinners! Dinner for power! Success over competition – Upset stomach and upset health! Too much action!
MEEN: Kids time, training imparting or getting trained, good execution

[14] Moon in MITHUN from 4:11AM IST (Friday) July 21 2017 to 4:28 July 23 2017 (Sunday). This is tough for Vrishchik and Kirk moon sign.
MESH: Travel, Picnic, Inspirational work, presentations, kids time
VRISHABH: Family time, Good food, good gains
GEMINI: Back on track with energy and optimism, expression, travel picnic possible
KIRK:  Expense, Fatigue, family time
SINGH: Income, Good Image, Meeting elder people/siblings
KANYA: Workplace productivity, influence, lot of work, Uttara first Charan watch help
TULA: Start of very good 6+ days ahead. Travel, gains, new things to start
VRISHCHIK: Fatigue, Take enough sleep, rest, delays – patience needed
DHANU: Good collaborations, Spouse time, partnerships, Travel
MAKAR: Social events, Dinner, Upset stomach, maternal people connect, Uttarashadha fist Charan watch health take enough sleep
KUMBH: Kids & spouse time, good execution, Good success
MEEN: Rest rejuvenation, connect with mom and maternal folks

[13] Moon in Vrishabh from 3:17AM July 19th to 4:10 AM IST July 21st 2017. This is tough for Mithun with expenses and Tula with fatigue.
MESH: Income, family time, Good food, Jewelry, perfumes
VRISHABH: Back on track with energy and optimism. Good clothing and impression of personality
GEMINI: Expense but good investment, abroad connection with influential people, expense on vanity/luxuries
KIRK:  Income, gains, feel good
SINGH: Workplace support from ladies, productivity and influence at workplace
KANYA: Start of very good 6+ days ahead, Travel very good and fruitful!
TULA: Fatigue but sudden gains possible, Watch health though!
VRISHCHIK: Spouse, Collaborations, partnerships
DHANU: Maternal folks connect, dinner, upset stomach,
MAKAR: Execution success, Kids doing very well artistic stuff and inspirational stuff.
KUMBH: Rest Rejuvenation, Home décor and meeting good people – inheritance luck
MEEN: Travel with spouse & mom, presentations, quick travels and feel good!

[12] Moon enters MESH at 12:20AM IST July 17th, 2017, it stays there until 3:16AM IST July 19th, 2017. This is tough for VRISHABH & KANYA rashi for these 2+ days.
MESH: Back on track with energy and optimism, Rest Rejuvenation and proximity to native or near dear folks
VRISHABH: Expense, Travel to meet cousins & even presentations or artistic programs possible, hectic
GEMINI: Income, gains, good spicy food, Help from friends and cousins
KIRK:  Workplace influence, Good momentum and drive from your side
SINGH: Start of good 6+ days ahead, Travel to meet upper management folks or even cousins
KANYA: Fatigue, Sleep enough, Drink enough water, Easy gains from land property or vehicles and friends and cousins etc
TULA: Spouse time, collaborations at workplace, Support from colleagues and siblings and friends.
VRISHCHIK: Social events, meeting with friends, travel possibilities
DHANU: Quick success, Execution, Intelligence but watch vehicles and some tussle with siblings or friends possible
MAKAR: Rest Rejuvenation, spouse time, collaborations with friends and colleagues
KUMBH: Presentations, Quick Travels, Success over competition, Good luck
MEEN: Family time, good food, kids’ attention, Gains
[10] Moon entered MEEN at 6:33PM July 14th 2017 IST and it will stay there until 12:19AM IST July 17th 2017. This is tough for MESH and SINGH moon signs. Moon in Guru drushti is great for all folks regardless of signs as it means well directed efforts.
MESH: Expense for health, maternal or paternal uncles/aunty etc
VRISHABH: Multiple Gains, Great time, Kids and education and success and so on!
GEMINI: Workplace influence, meeting near & dear ones from workplace or seniors at workplace, “Sukh” overall
KIRK:  Start of 6+ good days ahead, Good travel, expression, presentation, meeting good souls, New opportunities
SINGH: Fatigue, need sleep, easy gains and good luck with inheritance matters
KANYA: Good collaborations, Spouse time, Good for marriage stuff, Good image
TULA: Social events, Dinner, expense for relatives, Watch health
VRISHCHIK: Achievements, Good speculations, Gains, Success, Good news from kids and education field
DHANU: Meeting near & dear ones, influential people, mom time but also some good mentors, Good books
MAKAR: Travel, Picnic, Expression, Presentations, Great for artists
KUMBH: Gains, Family times, good food, Income: investments, Inheritance matters luck
MEEN: Back on track with energy & optimism, well directed efforts, image and publicity and people connect.

[9] Moon entered KUMBH at 10:03 Wednesday July 12th, 2017 and it will stay there until 6:33 PM IST July 14th, 2017. This is tough for MEEN (Pisces) and KIRK (Cancer) moon signs.
MESH: Income, Gains and Pro environment, Inheritance issues to trouble to Krittika nakshatra
VRISHABH:  Workplace productivity and influence, partnerships troubles to Mrig nakshatra
GEMINI: Start of very good 6+days ahead, Travel to meet maternal folks possible or mama mousi; Brand New people in career for Punarvasu folks
KIRK:  Fatigue, need enough sleep, rest enough, misaligned efforts; kids need attention especially for Ashlesha
SINGH: Spouse time, partnerships collaborations, Mom time for Uttara folks; Attention to domestic stuff
KANYA: Social events, Dinner, Upset stomach, King maker sort of power to the Chitra folks
TULA: Kids time, good execution, intelligent stuff, investments and family attention to Vishakha folks
VRISHCHIK: Rest Rejuvenation and family time and mom attention especially to Jyeshtha folks
DHANU: Travels, Presentations, Expression, Siblings, picnic, Uttarashadha too have travels against wish & expense
MAKAR: Income, Family time, Good food, Gains from older folks for Dhanishtha
KUMBH: Back to energy & optimism, Image and publicity; Poorvabhadrapada to see workplace influence but older people blocking the way- you need them and also can’t stand them! :)
MEEN: Expense for travel to meet older people, New people coming in career for Revati, Expense and losses in travel -take care of luggage especially! Lock  the car and park it in light! :)

[7] Moon enters MAKAR 11:25 pm IST Sunday July 9th, 2017. It stays there until 10:02 AM Wednesday July 12th, 2017. This is tough for KUMBH & MITHUN moon signs for these 2+ days.
MESH: Productivity, Workplace influence but stress, inheritance issues, good time with the father or seniors
VRISHABH:  Start of very good 6+ days ahead, Travel with or for spouse possible or to meet older people, Start of some new things
GEMINI: Fatigue, Tough physically, some quick gains, maternal people connect more so for Punarvasu, Watch relationships /spouse interface.
KIRK:  Spouse & kids, Partnerships, collaborations, Kids worry more for Ashlesha, work that you like to do
SINGH: Social events, Dinner with near & dear ones or maternal folks, mom time -- mom needs attention for Uttara
KANYA: Quick achievements, Success, Great news from kids and siblings, Chitra needs to watch siblings and travel issues
TULA: Rest & Rejuvenation, Meeting mom or native folks, New Long-term investments for Vishakha
VRISHCHIK: Travel, Expression, Presentation, People contact, hard work, drive carefully for Jyeshtha!
DHANU: Family time, Good speech and Good food, Good food at expensive places for Uttarashadha, Expense for family, investments abroad
MAKAR: Back on track with optimism and energy – income and gains from older people.
KUMBH: Expense for workplace influence and rutaba – older people at workplace will be tough for PoorvaBhadrapada. Correcting errors and omissions of the past 7 days and even 27 days!
MEEN: Income, Gains, Income from older folks, support from older folks, new things and new mass base for Revati.

[6] Moon enters DHANU 11:22AM July 7th Friday morning IST. It stays there until 11:24PM Sunday July 9th IST. This is tough for MAKAR & VRISHABH moon sign. From Friday 11:22AM to 2:12PM IST Sunday July 8th it is in intense MOOLA nakshatra. Some real big irreversible decisions and START of a few things could be delayed if possible in this period of Moola nakshatra. Wars, necessary must do things and so on DO NOT come under this exclusion—what MUST be done must be done! But if there is no harm and choice available then could be awaited.

MESH: Start of 6+ good days ahead. Travel to meet maternal people or even a good doctor possible
VRISHABH:  Tough, Fatigue, but some easy gains or speculative gains, good news from kids
GEMINI: Partnerships, Collaborations, Spouse time, meeting near & dear folks, friends etc
KIRK:  Social events, Dinner, upset stomach, maternal people connect, travel with siblings or for siblings or cousins possible.
SINGH: Teaching Training taking or imparting, Good income, speculative gains, Kids doing well
KANYA: Rest & Rejuvenation, Meeting Mom and near & dear folks, Meeting close to heart folks.
TULA: Travel, Presentation, Fatigue and expense due to travel, expense on knowledge and Guru type people
VRISHCHIK: Income, Gains, Fresh investments but older investments giving gains, Good quality food & family time
DHANU: Back on track with optimism and energy, workplace productivity, stress but hope!
MAKAR: Expense, unwanted travel, unnecessary travel, Invest and don’t just spend, correct omissions & errors of past 3 but also past 25 days!
KUMBH: Income, Gains, Inheritance resolutions, easy money possible, alternate medicines like homeopathy might work
MEEN: Stress but happening, workplace productivity and partnerships, getting things done at workplace with partnerships and group activities, Good quality time with your father

[5] Moon enters VRISHCHIK tonight at 10:43pm IST Tuesday July 4th 2017. It stays there until 11:21AM July 7th 2017 Friday. This is tough for moon signs of DHANU and MESH for these 2+ days.
MESH: Fatigue, Take enough sleep, Krittika of Mesh handle senior citizens well! :) Health issues, Travel fatigue
VRISHABH: Spouse time, Collaborations, partnerships, Mrig of Vrishabh to be careful with older people ladies or guys! ;) Family time for Mrig folks
GEMINI: Social events, dinner etc, maternal family, Upset stomach for Punarvasu especially 6th/7th. Debates and arguments possible with maternal folks
KIRK: Kids time, Good Execution, Expense investments for kids, Students should pay more attention, Ashlesha to watch kids a bit more on 6th / 7th
SINGH: Rest Rejuvenation and some domestic leftover issues from 2016 2017, Mom time, gains and good time from friends at the native place
KANYA: Travel with and against your wish, Expression, Presentations, Good for artists, sibling worry for Chitra of Kanya!
TULA: Income, Travel with and for Family, Family time, good food, Vishakha to watch investments and only long-term ones.
VRISHCHIK: Back on track with energy & optimism, watch vehicles and take enough sleep, Avoid body heat, eat guulkand
DHANU: Expense, Correction of errors & omissions for the last 25 days, go slow and show patience, Avoid road rage
MAKAR: Gains, Income from competition and also elder people blessings, Success over competition, be fair
KUMBH: Happening but stress, Need advice & help from seniors/elderly people especially for PoorvaBhadrapada, workplace high productivity
MEEN: Start of very good 6+ days ahead, travel to meet near & dear ones possible, siblings good time, Travel to meet seniors possible.

[4] BUDH (mercury) Has changed to KIRK July 3rd 2017. As Guru is in Kanya rashi and now Budh Rashi-Swami of Kanya in the 11th house (gains) from Guru. This formation of 3:11 (Laabh Yog) is very good as it increases the effectiveness of Guru. This is great for folks who are waiting for good results of Guru movement especially Kanya, Vrishchik, Makar, Vrishabh and Meen. This is actually good for everybody as any Labh-Yog in Gochar planets is very good for everybody regardless of the chart. Budh will stay in KIRK until July 21. The speed is GREAT for Budh - which bodes well for all folks.

[3] Moon entered TULA rashi at 10:51AM Sunday July 2nd, 2017. It stays there until 10:42 PM July 4th Tuesday night India. This is adverse for moon signs of VRISHCHIK and MEEN.
MESH: Spouse time, partnerships, collaborations, family time and gains, Investments especially for Ashwini nakshatra
VRISHABH: Social events, Dinner, maternal family connect, Upset stomach, Some fame visibility especially for Krittika
GEMINI: Kids time, education / training time, expense for kids (Mrig), Execution Success, indulgent behavior
KIRK: Rest Rejuvenation, mom time, good luck with property and vehicles and near native place
SINGH: Expression, Writing, Picnic, Travel, Presentation for workplace (Magha), increased workplace influence
KANYA: Income, Gains, Travel with or for family, good food, good investments, good diplomatic speech
TULA: Back on track with energy & optimism, But watch health and take enough especially for Chitra nakshatra
VRISHCHIK: Expense for spouse/partnerships, indulgent behavior, time pass etc, cover omissions mistake of the past 7 days and also past 27 days. Handle seniors well and drive carefully
DHANU: Income, Gains from maternal family or a service sector, Pro time
MAKAR: Workplace influence increase but stress, achievements, training activities, good luck with seniors, success over competition
KUMBH: Start of good 6+ days ahead, Travel to meet mom or near/dear folks possible, Meeting good people
MEEN: Fatigue, Need sleep, no risks in travel or vehicles, some real bad-luck or strange events in travel possible, unforeseen stuff – keep extra time aside for travels especially.

[2] Mangal / Mars has changed to Gemini today on May 27th, 2017 01:05AM IST (after midnight). It will stay there until July 11th, 2017 around 2:30 pm (IST). This is adverse to the moon signs of KIRK (Cancer) and VRISHCHIK (Scorpio). Both signs need to ensure their vehicles are serviced, up to date, air pressure and oil, coolant levels etc are appropriate. Drive carefully - -not slow and not fast but just with the mood of the traffic. PREMANE GHYA! :) Be loving to the fellow commuters. Assume your siblings, your family members are driving in the streets! :) Avoid road-rage, arguments. For KIRK it is more about expense and for Vrishchik is shows some injury & expense and some “peeda”.

[1] SUN in MITHIUN until JULY 16th: Moon sign VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) and Moon Sign KIRK (Cancer) :
Sun (Surya) enters Gemini (Mithun) tonight June 15th at 05:04 AM India (Lahiri ayanansh). It stays there until July 16, 3:54 PM IST. This means moon sign VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) and Moon Sign KIRK (Cancer) need to handle seniors, police, RTO, father, Govt or any person with authority with tact & diplomacy. You could get in the wrong zone with the seniors – you need to show patience while dealing in such situation. Understand / anticipate what they want and try to be proactive to care of the things.

This ends bad Sun movements for TULA & MITHUN, It started 3 great months of support from seniors to TULA. Shows gains from seniors and govt etc to Sinvha. Shows success over competition for Makar. Kumbh it shows tactical success and quick executions. Increase in power to Kanya. Rest signs it it is neutral sorts.

Nakshatra/Constellation: Close degrees: Intense issues
(1) Vishakha (of Vrishchik only) & Punarvasu (of KIRK only) will see acute issues from June 15 to June 19.
(2) Anuradha and Pushya would have acute issues from June 19 to July 3
(3) Jyeshtha & Ashlesha would have acute issues from July 3 to July 16 morning.
Easier way to calculate exact time is to add your moon sign degrees (days) to June 15! Subtract 2 and Add 2 and you get 4/5 days period of ultra-stand-off period.


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