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Sunday, July 16, 2017

SHANI Impact on your Father's health

Saturn impact on health of your father in 2017 2018 and 2019

These are effects of Shani in Dhanu/Sagittarius from Jan26th to June 21st 2017 and again Oct 26th to Jan2020. Surya being the enemy #1 of Shani it troubles the Sun the most. BE FAIR folks BE FAIR..!!!

(1) Those born from Dec17th to Jan13th (India date) of any year need to watch their dad's health from Feb2017 to June2017 and also Nov2017 to Dec2019. A comprehensive medical test would be helpful to check. SHANI is going to test your father's health and your own legs and weight and spine/heart too. (These folks will also see some adversity with seniors and some ego hurt etc is going to be possible (Lowest ego period!!).

(2) Similar true for the folks born from June16th July16th for father. But with seniors you will take one punch and give one punch etc and not like above folks who would get the complete stick from the seniors.

(3) Lesser than all these folks is for folks born from Sept16th to Oct16th. They were supposed to have father health issues from Sept2009 to August2012 -- now leftover and not addressed issues from that period would come up.

(4) The least but still some issues for the folks born from Feb14th to March14th You will get a precursor or a pre-view, trailer of what will happen from July2022 to Dec2024 on a larger scale.

Nov2014 to Jan2017 was tough for dad of the folks born from Nov16th to Dec16th and also May14th to June14th. (Even June 21st 2017 to Oct 26th 2017 still is)


  1. So if there are 2 kids with one in 8th April and another in 8th will that look like. April one is moon in saggitarius and libra ascendant

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  3. Nice Article

  4. The last bit is so pa in law broke his leg and was hospitalised exactly a year and 3 months ago. He is fine now...for folks born from nov 16 to Dec 16