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Monday, July 3, 2017

Strength of Planets (Grahabal) -- The AstroMNC way

I am working on "AstroMNC GrahaBal Method" as an outcome of my research/observations. Might take a few more weeks etc but will start sharing snippets and articles about it soon.

Planet Strength  (GrahaBal): Right now there are various methods available which are completely mathematical for assigning "bal"/strength to planets (Shadbal, Ashtakwarg and so on). They are totally calculations based -- and HENCE lose out of a lot  of intelligence an astrologers gets over decades of experience. The strength of a planet could be great but not for all things in life!! 

For example: 
(1) Guru in Makar is supposed to be neech so it takes away from paramarth / spirituality and so on. It does not give great Guru in academics. BUT this Guru has HIGH strength for earning money! :) :) 
(2) Guru in the last 3 degree of Ashlesha (Kirk) is both uchcha & navamash Meen so own navamansh! So high strength BUT this Guru is highly negative karmic as it is in RaashiGandaant!  it will still give money as it is in a CHAR rashi but kids aspects would have some issues delays and intense events.
(3) Shukra in Meen is uchcha and in Revati highly imaginative great skin and romanticism and so on. But unless it has drushti from Mangal or with Rahu -- it has very less physical inclination. It is NOT bad etc and not a problem but it is not "particularly" "into physical stuff. It  has more platonic and more spiritual and high degree of romanticism etc in it.

So GrahaBal needs to be categorized for different area of life. Will publish my research and observations over the years in articles and God-willing in a book someday! :)


  1. I am waiting in a hurry for your research studies. God Bless You for all your efforts. You are a candle in a dark room...

  2. I got guru in makar but still found my guru at the start of my guru mahadasha!

    1. Yeah -- spiritual? It is about Ketu also and 4 8 12 houses.

  3. Dear Milind, wish you great success in your new attempt

  4. My guru is debilitated in makar that means,is it gonna give me money?
    Anyways wish you great success

  5. I have debilitated guru in my ninth house..and I am quite inclined towards spirituality. How come?

  6. I am so much looking towards it. Strength of planets always keep me wondering with so many ways to address that.

  7. This is again a gift from you to all the Astro students. It will be great if you can give some insight on difference between week planet and planets with bad position.
    Like : Guru for Meen ascendant should be Subh being the lagna lord, but if that is posited in 8th house so is that week or bad?