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Monday, February 12, 2018

A Beautiful Mind!

What is a beautiful mind?

Moon in Guru (Jupiter) drushti &/or \in yuti with Guru or SHUKRA(Venus) AND more importantly Rashi-Swami in uchcha rashi (in a nakshatra of a friendly nakshatra swami!). Also, Chandra is of increasing Kala and not decreasing (Shukla-Paksha not Krishna-Paksha) could be added to it but it is a very broad period so would refrain from giving a huge importance to it.

No Mangal or Shani drushti on Moon or no Rahu Ketu with moon. Also, Surya opposite Moon is OK (some ego still) but Surya with Moon is not the best for tranquility and free flow of emotions.

Say Moon in Vrishabh Rohini and Shukra in Meen rashi with Guru in Vrishchik aspecting both Moon & Venus.

Actress Wahida Rehman seems Vrishabh Rashi with Meen Shukra (I have not verified). Deepilka Padukone has Chandra Shukra Yuti in Tula but with Ketu so some pessimism and just a bit short of a beautiful mind! :) Aishwarya Dhanu Moon with Shukra but also with Rahu (mystique) but Rashi-Swami Guru Neech in Makar).

A Beautiful Mind:
Good person, sense of greater good, Tranquility of mind and great focused application of mind --- mind at peace even in chaos around or even in a machchhi bazaar :) :)

Easy? :)

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1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...I have this combination Milind. Moon and Jupiter in lagna, Sagittarius ascendant, and while I agree with the outcomes you've mentioned here, the biggest blessing of this combination is mind that is happy by default... Almost an 'inability' to remain unhappy for a long time no matter what the situation or circumstance...and that's a BIG blessing, because there is nothing inherently good or bad, it's how you perceive and react to it that causes all the storms of suffering.