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Monday, February 5, 2018

Is Future already defined?

#ASTROMNC : Is future defined!!?

Future can be changed by altering attitudes and thought process. A Horoscope shows SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) yes sure -- the birth-time chart does show UNALTERABLE past life karma and its "probable" ramifications in this life BUT we can by reading right books, advice from elders and GURU like people or simply seniors, older friends and same age friends with higher ability (Say Sachin AR Rehman) etc etc can CHANGE our future for sure.

I have case studies. So don't let ANYONE fool you in the name of astrology. YES, your past life karma WILL interfere and you will at times have to fight it off or just go thru it patiently. BUT there is no substitute for right attitude and hard-work. Talent is nothing but interest earned on hard-work.

So a Horoscope can help understand SWOT -- and help us change our attitude and hence change our life. (Else why would astrology suggest remedies at all...) If things were hard-coded in a chart ---- astrology would NOT have had a division of remedies at all..!! :)

Remember, all remedies try to alter your behavior and make stronger the good side of your attitudes and try to bring down the weaker side of your attitudes -- a Horoscope is NOTHING but a BUNCH of attitudes a chart throws out. A psychological configuration mirrors in our DNA. BUT WE are the ones who can make the change slowly but surely.

NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE.. As today's fate is yesterday's work only..!

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  1. Excellent portrayal of चेष्टा बल.