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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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1.      All Timings are Indian Standard Time
2.      Based on Moon Sign – Health could be checked from Ascendant.

UPDATE2: Surya changes to MEEN/Pisces Rashi on 14th March Midnight India time. This is adverse for MESH and SINGH Moon Signs until April 13th broadly. Aries and Leo moon signs need to be careful with Govt, Court, legal, RTO or any signifying authority. Give more respect to Govt police etc folks, be humble with such people. In employment check what is IMP for Seniors and if something is missed by you in the past 2/3 months. This is more tough for Singh/Leo Moon as Surya is their rash-swami so body heat and some health issues are also likely. Eating Gulkand & “sabja” seeds will help a lot. Drink enough water too.

This is till April 13th but specifically it is as follows:
(1)    Nakshatra of ASHWINI and MAGHA would see this more from March15th to March28th
(2)    Nakshatra of BHARANI and Poorva would see this more from March28th to April10th
(3)    Nakshatra of Krittika OR MESH and Uttara or Singh from April10th to April13th

For VRISHABH it shows good support and gains from seniors and govt etc
For MITHUN it means increasing workplace clout and some stress but happening feel at workplace with good productivity.
For KIRK, this ends problems with the seniors and govt etc starts 3 good months ahead of support from seniors.
For KANYA it shows collaborations and partnerships and more with seniors Govt etc
For TULA it shows success over competition & good relative success compared to colleagues.
For VRISCHHIK it shows speculative gains and go-getter attitude and quick tactical success.
For DHANU it is stagnancy but good meetings with seniors.
FOR MAKAR it is about some expression, presentation, quick travel.
FOR KUMBH it shows incremental gains with seniors and also money.

For MEEN also it ends senior issues and gives a breather & shows some agreement and being on the same page with seniors at least.

UPDATE1: SHANI MANGAL  YUTI from March 7th to  May 1st 2018: 
Mars changed to DHANU Sagittarius yesterday March 7th afternoon India & has joined SATURN there! This change is directly problematic to Taurus (Vrishabh) Moon and rising. Also same with Capricorn (Makar) Moon & rising. Drive slow & carefully and avoid physical adventures. Do NOT participate in road-rage and do not get into ego trip and just keep it cool in road rage situations. Safety gear and seat belts helmets is a must. Actually for ALL signs it is imp to be careful as SHANI MANGAL yuti is adverse to all folks and overall traffic stuff everywhere. For INDIA it could show some border trouble and also economy more shocks. Anyways Sadesati 12th Shani has shown effects like Harshad Mehta and it could get worse.

This is till May 2nd.2018. March13 to March17 shows D9 Shani Mangal in Kendra so more troublesome for traffics, injuries, vehicles etc. Uranus is in Aries FIRST 3 degrees which could cause fires or electric shocks etc stuff but that is more from April 14 onward.

================= MARCH Monthly Horoscope ============

MESH / ARIES: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear till March8 /Handle Seniors/Govt/Police carefully from March14 to April13
You are becoming right time right place for next several years! Brooding time of 2016 2017 is over and is all about expansion and growth for you now that Major GrahaGol Shani and Guru are blessing you. New mass-base, consumers/customer-base, increased revenue and also expansion is the same of the game for you. Mangal will also change to 9th house from March 09 making it further better with health matters and driving/gym or injury reduction. BUHD and SHUKRA change to the 12th house early this month and hence it shows need for some expense, correction of errors or omissions of a few things from the past 2-3 months. Also, planning for the next few months ahead. SURYA will support with seniors, Govt, police or legal work/approvals etc till March14th. From then, need to handle seniors/Govt/police etc very carefully with tact & diplomacy & patience. Multiple planets 12th from mid-month would create some temp slowness in matters for you. It will again start getting faster from Mid-April.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-7th afternoon 16:00PM to MARCH-10th EARLY MORNING 3:30AM
(2)    MARCH 17th afternoon 13:30PM to MARCH-19th night 20:10PM

VRISHABH / TAURUS: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear from March8 to MAY 1st.
Out of form, are we? :) When 2 major planets are not working for you which define 80% of happiness index, you need to sit on & refine and be happy with incremental improvements of what you got from Sept2016 to Sept2017 pro-period. 8th Shani continues to keep you away from “mass-base” and not much “reporting-to” people and work in alone or SME capacity while 6th Guru is giving good investments and income but asking to check health aspects. 8th Shani also raises inheritance issues. You need to keep moving slow & steady without HUGE risks which are long-term in nature. With-in this long-term patience recommendations March is quite good for you! BUDH SHUKRA in the 11th house for most of the month shows good income, gains and feel-good whatever that is possible. Surya until mid-month gives power & influence & happening feel & feeling of being imp and after March 14th it gives you gains, income and support from seniors/govt etc. Month of March will you off the credit, recognition etc for all you did from December. Need to keep in perspective though as mentioned above as the adversity of Shani and Guru continues. MANGAL moving to the 8th house from March8th recommends being careful with adventure sports or vehicles and any physical risks. Anyways Vrishabh are not into unnecessary movements (the bull doesn’t like too much jerky movements!) :) and hence it is not a big deal BUT you could be subjected to a situation where you need to show this and hence get in trouble! :) Mental flexibility & mental athleticism would help. Shani with Mangal 8th would mean some inheritance disputes flaring up.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-10th EARLY MORNING 3:30AM to MARCH-12 16:20PM
(2)    MARCH-19th night 20:10PM to MARCH-22 very early morning 00:50 hours (Mid-Might of MARCH 21st)

Guru is trying to give you a good position as per your desires with increase in workplace but Shani is trying to get rid of excess fat, excess mass-base which is not needed and also testing your relationships & temper. Shani is also testing health of your mom and yours too. Reduction of weight it is the best time actually! So, it is mixed happiness index. Still the month of March brings in feel good, feeling of being important as major planets are in the 9 and 10 houses apart from 2 major grahagol. BUDH SHUKRA moving to the 10th house increase influence, power and work. Need to show Yukti and not just Shakti. Surya moving to the 10th house mid-month increases power, happening feeling and also stress as work increases. It is like small pressure cooker in a way. You will get a lot of things done and sense of achievement and feeling of being busy will be there. Mangal moving to the 7th house with Shani will add some fights to earlier animosity with spouse or partnerships. Fight of young versus old when it comes to partnerships. Regardless, the month of March is about “local” success and achievements and income to keep you going.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-12 evening 16:20PM to MARCH-15 early morning 04:15AM
(2)    MARCH-22 very early morning 00:50 hours (Mid-Might of MARCH 21st) TO MARCH-24 early morning 04:20AM

KIRK / CANCER: HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff till Feb14 with care and patience till March-14
Despite slowness of 4th Shani you are having “local” or temporary good environment to make an impact! Handle seniors till March14th carefully and diplomacy & rest would fall in place. Mangal/Mars moving to 6th house with Shani shows success over enemies and defeating your enemies or competitors if not downright enemies. Edging out your colleagues or competitors in a close finish. However, such struggles and competition show injuries or health issues and physical stress which could be seen in the month of March. Seniors/Govt/Legal stuff would start supporting for next 3 months starting March 14th. Till then be aware and handle with care. BUDH Shukra moving to the 9th house increase natural or environment support for you. They start newer things which keep you going. Surya 9th from March 14th would only be additional force to it.

The 4th house GURU continues stagnancy. Serve and protect what you got from Sept2016 to Sept2017! :) The 6th house SHANI is changing your social circle and adding NEW PEOPLE in your life and career which is out of comfort zone. Examine every person in details before you can trust and do micromanagement initially. 1st RAHU in your rashi is changing your personality, language and making you adopt new culture, language, accent etc as lot of people of different culture/language are coming in touch with you.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-15 early morning 04:15AM TO MARCH-17 afternoon 13:30PM
(2)    MARCH-24 early morning 04:20AM to MARCH-26 morning 07:20AM

SINGH / LEO: HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff till Feb14 with care and patience till March-14 to APRIL14
Get imp things done in the first 2 weeks of the month. Especially with Govt or legal approvals etc get things done by March 14th. From March 14th to April 14th, need to handle seniors, govt, legal etc issues with tact & diplomacy. Mangal changing to DHANU from March 8 to 5th house helps with sports, quick achievements, inspirational moves but could show minor injuries to self and your kids. Use safety stuff as sports or such activities are good and success but injury prone for you in this month & April too. BUDH SHUKRA changing to the 8th house add to the fatigue and stress but also give easy or quick income /money. Some secret information or tips could give easy income. March IS chaotic due to multiple planets in the 8th house which shows physical fatigue, stress and some misaligned efforts or unnecessary running around. But these efforts would start falling in right place from Mid-April onward.

The 3rd GURU is going to give you work which you love or like to do. It shows presentations, publication and expression too. Quick travels will keep happening. The 5th Shani is about slow & steady “projects” – things that finish in some stipulated timeframe. 5th Shani is happening but it a SLOW effect of becoming relevant after Nov2014 to Oct2017 of being irrelevant in 4th Shani (Ask Uddhav Saheb Thackeray!). So, planets are aligning well now with 3rd GURU (work you love to do) and 5th Shani (lawyerly and tactically and slowly moving ahead). RAHU 12th shows expense needs for the paternal family and Ketu 6th and also Rahu 12th shows hereditary issues with health from both the families could be an issue for you.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-17 afternoon 13:30PM TO MARCH-19 20:10PM
(2)    MARCH-26 morning 07:20AM MARCH-28 10:00AM

SHUKRA BUDH moving to the 7th house shows good collaborations & partnerships. Better in 7th than 6th which empowers the enemies! Shows good group events or collaborations and team events giving you success. Quality time with spouse & partner too. Surya 6th will help success over competition till March14th. SURYA moving to the 7th house mid-month suggests putting a hand of cooperation ahead than the competition till Match 14th. You have tried showing strength till Match 14 and now try to show collaboration. Mangal moving to the 4th house adds to the domestic trouble & infighting in your sphere of influence. Will need to deal with long pending property or family issues. Relatives will trouble -- in short!

2nd GURU is making environment realize your value again. You will increase your & family wealth by Sept2018. SHANI 4th is about domestic trouble (house/relatives, political party/MLAs or members etc) & infighting. MANGAL joining it from March 8 to May 1st is not fun!! It means doing things for house property and relatives and your circle which are much pending and needed from a long time. RAHU is helping with income and gains and Ketu is helping with success. Overall – it is 60/70% good environment for Kanya on all fronts.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-19 night 20:10PM to MARCH-22 early morning 00:50AM (midnight March 21st)
(2)    MARCH-28 10:00AM To MARCH 30 afternoon 13:10PM

Rashi-Swami Shukra gong 6th recommends being careful with health, eating at right places and hygiene etc. Budh 6th also shows some attention to detail work which would keep mind busy and hence mental fatigue. Surya 5th till March14th helps with quick achievements, execution and go-getter approach and impressing people with intelligence. 6th Surya from then will help achieve success over competition and establishing your differentiator. Mangal moving 3rd from March 8th will of course help. It will help with defeating enemies but could make you take up fights that are not needed. Watch siblings and what they need. Also take care of belongings in travel.  Don’t park vehicles at shady places or unknown places. Tussles of colleagues or fights at workplace will indirectly help you with or without your participation.

The 1st house Guru will keep increasing your physical & social weight. It is bringing you back from political exile of Sept2016 to sept2017 when you are in the danger of becoming nobody after glorious July2015 to July2016. The 3rd SHANI has completely away from your income and investments now and not affecting your wealth anymore. 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and maneuver your people and masses to achieve things and also do a SHOW OF STRENGTH! Your mass-base will be critical now which will propel you to newer posts and higher levels by end of 2019.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-22 very early morning 00:50 hours (Mid-Might of MARCH 21st) TO MARCH-24 early morning 04:20AM
(2)    MARCH 30 afternoon 13:10PM TO APRIL-01 evening 17:50PM

The 2nd house Mangal from March 8th joins Shani and hence need investments with patience. DO not go ahead with property or land or shares in a hurry on hear-say. Also watch what you write and talk as it could be hurt people and used against you. Mangal 2nd on its own will help with some additional income. Sports injury is possible and use goggles to protect eyes wherever possible. Teeth, throat eyes etc need attention till May 1st. Surya is stagnant till March 14th and starts helping with some inspirational moves and execution success after that. Shukra and Budh in the 5th house for March are great for romance, education and time with kids too. They show some success & start of execution and movement of stagnant things from some time.

The 12th Guru is a political exile and WHAT NEXT period till Sept2018. This is VERY TROUBLING and TOUGH for most people and gift of time – people have NO CLUE what to do with it!! :) USE it for learning new things, reskilling and stuff. The 2nd house Shani will expose earlier mistakes in wealth management and investments. It will also START NEW income in your life from new things you are doing. Invest wisely and SLOWLY and for the long run – no theatrics and no unnecessary optimism against the popular current! RAHU KETU are helping you by giving nee work and also blessings from elders of both the paternal and maternal families.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-05 morning 08:10AM to MARCH-07 16:10PM
(2)    MARCH-24 early morning 04:20AM TO MARCH-26 morning 07:20AM

DHANU / SAGITTARIUS: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear till March 08
BUDH SHUKRA moving to the 4th house reduce your travels and bring you close to home and rest. Good use of homely stuff, movies or theme restaurants with family and near dear ones. Some rejuvenation with good luxurious stuff. Surya 3rd however till March 14th could keep making you travel for presentations or to meet influential folks. From March14th to April14th Surya also joins the party for rejuvenation and rest and brainstorming and meeting good people. Till Match08: The 12th house Mangal recommends being careful with driving, riding and adventure sports etc. Take all precautions and safety gear etc.  Avoid unnecessary physical risks. Sports people need to plan their game better and be more strategic than outright intuition.

GURU in the 11th house will keep giving you great gains and one-time payoffs till Sep2018 for all what you did from July2014. Shani in your rashi continues to increase stress levels and recommends checking mom’s health. The 8th house Rahu could show hereditary health issues from the paternal family and paternal family elders not doing great leastwise.  8th Rahu continues to test paternal side elders with health hereditary issues. 2nd Ketu shows economic wealth etc activities in the maternal family.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-07 evening 16:10PM TO MARCH-10 early morning 03:30AM
(2)    MARCH-26 morning 07:20AM TO MARCH-28 morning 10:00AM

MAKAR / CAPRICORN: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear from March-08 to May-1
BUDH SHUKRA moving to the 3rd house give you work you like to do with some quick travels and presentations. Good times with friends and siblings and more so maternal cousins. Surya joins the party for these presentations and free-lance and free-flow work from March14th to April14th. These 3rd house planets would allow some visible impact on surroundings. This is typically great for artists. Shukra shows travels & presentations for workplace/career, Budh shows for career but more maternal folks too and Surya shows for inheritance stuff.

MANGAL moving to the 12th house of expense and adversity from March8 to May 1st shows caution with vehicles, physical adventures and injuries etc. Get vehicles checked. Avoid unnecessary physical risks. Take all safety gear and keep buffers and extra stuff with you assuming delays.

10th GURU is about GADHE KE PAIR PADANAA..!!! :) It is HIGH STRESS and high pressure especially due to Sadesati but it is happening in a way! Shani 12th is forcing you to think WHAT NEXT for the next 30 years of life. Learning new things is a must. You will need to adjust to and bow to less qualified and less educated /ability etc people – but this is TEMP till Sept2018 so go ahead with it!! :)

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-1st 01:43AM (Feb 28th midnight) to MAR-03 03:45AM (Saturday early morning)
(2)    MARCH-28 morning 10:00AM to MARCH-30 afternoon 13:10PM

BUDH SHUKRA moving to 2nd house shows good gains, good food and family events. SURYA joins them from March 14 adding to the gains. MANGAL moving to the 11th house from MARCH-08 further adds to the overall positivity and happening environment. As Mangal joins Shani – it shows some tussle with older friends or siblings. Need to watch kids. 6th RAHU is taking care of enemies but showing some health issues to paternal elders. 11th SHANI till JAN2020 is all about gains, addition of mass-base, customers and revenue and right time right place. 9th GURU is Bhagyoday & start of new things and higher strategic positions! Increasing importance and right time right place. It is YOUR TIME!! It is a GREAT GREAT time in a long time unless you are under Kaarmic obligation mahadasha or antardasha and even then you would do wonderful.

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MAR-03 03:45AM (Saturday early morning) to MARCH-05 morning 08:10AM – too much work and fatigue
(2)    MARCH-12 evening 16:20PM to MARCH-15 early morning 04:15AM
(3)    AND MARCH-30 afternoon 13:10PM to next 2 days

MEEN / PISCES: HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff FROM Feb-14 with utmost care and patience till March14
SHUKRA BUDH moving to your rashi is a welcome change! They bring in much needed optimism and energy. Seniors and Govt or legal stuff keeps testing you and gives you tough time till March-14. Surya moves to your rashi then and reduces these things quite a bit. It is a TEST at workplace and life for you right now with HUGE stress and multiple issues. MANGAL moving to the 10th house from MARCH 8 to May 1 adds to the power and influence but it shows fights of your senior and juniors which help you somewhat and also hurt your in some manner. So it is a chaotic environment which you are part of cause of and also affected party of! :) Need to align by careful analysis and ask for additional time if not clear who is right and who’s wrong etc. But still 10th house Shani and now Mangal do show continued higher influence despite all this tough period.

The 8th Guru is causing a lot of fatigue and misaligned efforts – it is too much of work and mostly in wrong directions! :) Your work will be appreciated though even though things do not succeed. The 10th Shani is STRESS and happening and too much work!! Older people troubling you but you needing them! :) Older people will stop your way – you need them but also have issues with them!

Problem Dates in the Month:
(1)    MARCH-05 morning 08:10AM to MARCH-07 16:10PM
(2)    MARCH-24 early morning 04:20AM to MARCH-26 morning 07:20AM


  1. Please publish for rest of the Rashis.

  2. I'm Aries .I'm working in corporate as a manager.This year can I expect good appraisal at march end.I'm also planning to purchase a 3BHK flat.what my start says.please reply.

  3. Hi Milind,

    in dark rashi you have mentioned 4th house Shani, and later in other para, 6th house shani. I guess, its 4th house Guru instead of Shani in the 1st Para.
    The Para
    "KIRK / CANCER: HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff till Feb14 with care and patience till March-14
    Despite slowness of 4th Shani you are having “local” or temporary good environment to make an impact! Handle seniors till March14th carefully and diplomacy & rest would fall in place. "

    1. in kark rashi ( Auto correct typo issue earlier )