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Monday, February 5, 2018

Shani (Saturn) in Dhanu (Sagittarius) & Correlation to GDP & the related cycle


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It is pro and favorable as it is 9th (bhagyasthan) to char industrious sign of Mesh (Aries). This means the GDP of the world will go up in this 9th house Shani. Most product industries are ruled by char signs (cardinal) - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Whenever Shani is 9 10 11 to these signs it increases the GDP of those companies. Shani means masses and customers and hence these companies get new customers/mass-base.

Similarly, Shani in Dhanu is mostly tough to expressive signs that earn by expressing or talking or singing --- like Gemini Kanya Dhanu and Meen. Means, they need to get out and respect producers. Imagine party spokespersons getting everything than the mass-leaders! :) so this Shani except Meen rashi is going to reduce spokespersons as they are in abundance! :) :) This Shani will reduce social media output and increase actual output of the world! :)

When Shani moves to Makar it would be 9th to Vrishabh -- the power hungry or a stable sign. Means, this increased GDP and production would need & get good “managers” who are stable and calm and power hungry so they stay at one location and "watch" and "govern" this increased production.

Then Shani would move to Kumbh: It would be 9th bhagyasthan to Mithun. So this increased GDP and increased jobs fuel the need for entertainment, media, music, movies, art -- some or other sort of expression. So, the cycle of all types of signs is completed in this Shani movement in these 3 signs.

Then, Shani would move to Pisces / Meen and would be 9th to again a char/cardinal signs of Kirk cancer thereby increasing the GDP again and the cycle will repeat.

The links of this karma or the chain of these steps have to be completed and can't be skipped. All we can do is keep working and wait for our turn of Shani or guru going 9, 10, 11 which are the best of best years of our life. Shani gives this chance 2 times or best 3 --- guru gives this 6/7 or even 8 times and every time the area of influence is bigger and better as long as you keep breathing and keep working hard.

Most prophets suggested not to take interest and earn your money. Everyday trying to earn money you keep fit also and don't fall sick nor gain weight!! :) :) else that interest goes to doctors and fitness trainers and gym and medicines!! :) :) The worst of the worst life is living off of somebody else's sweat!!

केल्याने होत आहे रे, केलेची पाहिजे...
आराम हराम हैं।।
कर्माणि अधिकारस्ते.....

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