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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Decision Making & Astrology


A good question asked on Decision making and Astrology - Here are some Random Thoughts.

Mgmt books would talk about the process - options, evaluation technical, decisions pugh matrix and all but they all finally boil down to subject matter expertise. Data points, stats and additional “tadaka” of personal intuition and 6th sense. Below I try to explain NATURAL flair shown by a horoscope which is of course honed and refined by education.

A Horoscope would categorize decision making as per the duration & impact (scope) of the decision being made.

(1)    The FIRST HOUSE: A strong first house would show good quick decisions on a daily basis for some quick stuff (map, routes, which store etc) You got to also check MERCURY for that. A bad mercury would make a person visit same store 3 times in a day! :) :) or Wakri Mercury/Budh would make you revisit your own decision on “second thoughts”.

(2)    A strong 3rd House (OPERATIONAL) would show good decision making which is more of a weekly or at the max monthly impact and again Mercury and Moon placement is imp for this. It also shows good decisions for peripheral things in life such as tourism, picnics, movies, song selection at the spur of the moment etc. The 3rd house shows BOLDNESS of a person to communicate the decision and patronize others to follow it. Without proper thought process, data etc they could be made fun to talk confidently without right thing (foot in mouth). But this house strong planets do show strong decisions but more so the effective communication and rallying people around for the decisions taken.

(3)    The 5th house is house of TACTICS: Which means monthly decision making -- the decisions that HAVE to be made, have monthly or annual impact at best but are NECESSARY for things to function and continue. There is some responsibility attached to these decisions (Executive) which is not there most of the times with the 3rd house. Here the correct choice is obvious and mostly that is the only choice or by overwhelming distance is a better choice! SURYA MANGAL are IMP here and Mercury is a MUST but Guru helps to align to greater cause.

(4)    The 9th house shows STRATEGY: Evaluation of two or more long term options and list down all stakeholders and all parameters & shows conscious decision to choose something better from say 3 good options -- so all options are good but your goals, vision, value etc would decide which is the better one -- No obvious right or wrong but rather long term and strategic! These decisions could affect at least next 3 years or rather 12 years. GURU placement and drushti are the most imp here. These are also the decisions that HAVE to be made and have BROAD repercussions.
(5)    The 12th house shows VISION: Something like Bharatratna Babasahe Ambedkar taking a decision of adopting Buddhist which changed life of next several decades for many people. There are countless options and they are VAGUE -- The choice depends on where you want t to be after 30, 50 or 100s of years! Communism versus Socialism versus Capitalism are the choices which belong to the 12th house!! GURU of course VERY imp but NEPTUNE's imagination, intuition and years of wisdom and selflessness of Pisces or 12th house is required here.

So it's not a 1 line answer to Decision Making ability in a horoscope. The REAL ability is to KNOW how much time and energy to spend for which decision! :) :) That's also a good decision to make! Also, a good decision when to stop writing! :) :)

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