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Monday, March 12, 2018

MOOLA Nakshatra: Awe / Confusion: fact and reality


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There are some intense nakshatra and intense degrees mostly in these nakshatra but also across 360degrees of the zodiac. Predominantly, MOOLA in Dhanu, ASHLESHA in Kirk are two very prominent ones. KRITTIKA Nakshatra is intense but the last 2 degrees of MESH (Aries) and first 2 degrees of Vrishabh (Taurus) are more so. The first degrees of MESH-Aries (Ashwini Nakshatra) and SINGH (Magha Nakshatra) and the last 3 degrees of Vrishchik (JYESHTHA Nakshatra) are quite tough and also last 1 degree of Meen is Devgan (REVATI Nakshatra) and has lot of good aspects but some naughty things too.

MOOLA is the first Nakshatra of Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) 13 degree 20 minutes. (13.33 degrees). Like DHANU rashi it has following characteristics like all 30 degrees of DHANU rashi. These are more overtly seen when Moon Sun or Rising (lagna) are in Dhanu rashi but also any planet in this sign shows these attitudes for what that planet represents for you. Mars being sports, siblings, blood and so on. Shani being workers, masses and poor folks, employees etc

These folks are idealistic & have childlike purity. With strong Mars they tend towards sports, with strong Jupiter, towards academic/education field. They have robust bone structure & a big forehead which shows thought leadership and broad vision. They are outspoken and cannot lie. Even a kid would know if they lie! J Idealistic/positive speech is their forte. As they are fire sign their response to any event is action – what do I need to do and not “Why it happened to him/me”. They are often termed as “Role Model Student”. They have a “can-do” attitude which can move mountains without the passion/prejudice or kunnas of Scorpio. There is NO NEGATIVITY in their approach and always a sense of a greater good! Moon in Moola nakshatra is intense and serious/disciplined & shows some Karmic issues with Mother. Purva-ashadha is a milder one. A soul that wants to be a GREAT sportsman takes birth on Sagittarius Moon Sign (Sachin, Sunil), Sun (Kapil Hadley, Schumacher) or ascendant (Don Bradman). Although Saints are born under this ascendant or Sun, they are more towards religion / action / DHARMA - The Sense of Duty is more their Cup of Tea (Samarth Ramdas Swami) than spirituality (Saint Dyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram). Great professors are also born under this rashi.

MOOLA and DHANU rule legs, hip bone predominantly. But first 3 degrees of MESH navamansh also shows brain/nervous system and head too.

MOOLA Nakshatra ruled by Ketu like Ashwini and Magha is a mystery! Ketu is spiritual & pessimistic and calm & slow etc with 6th sense and hence is own rashi in Pisces (Meen) & uchcha (useful) in Dhanu (Sagi) Rashi. But the nakshatra of KETU are ALL in FIRE SIGNS. They have tremendous positivity, aggression, idealistic nature, WHAT CAN BE DONE – Can-do attitude. They are all in DHARMA TRIKON so heightened sense of duty is seen. They will NEVER ever run away from their duties. That’s why Nadal with Mars in Sagi and Dravid with Sun in Sagi and Sachin Moon in Sagi will never run away from their duty how bad the point is or the match situation is, NADAL will fight as much for a match point for an opponent as he would his own match point. So the ownership by KETU needs to be taken without ANY pessimism etc and spirituality should be taken only as relentless sense of duty. Most Nakshatra swami are conflicting with the Rash-Swami so they should be also taken in context for sure.

Moola is overtly serious, sincere and patronizing and uncompromising compared to Poorvashadha which is ruled by Shukra. Moola is parakrami & intense and it is more natural for male planets like Surya (Sun) and Mangal (Mars). It is not that conductive for Chandra and Shukra and their Karakatva. Moola masks the feminine aspects of these planets (hormonal stuff?) and makes them more wanting to be alone and intense pursuing their duties and not so much typical “feminine” approach. By default, Moola gives strength to each planet in it with robust and strong physical structure as it is DHANU rashi and it is positive. However, Moola is also a CHANNEL to deliver intense past birth karma that you had coming back to you. So this intensity is seen affecting the Governor ship of the planets. For example, Surya is the father, Moon is the Mother, Mars is Siblings, blood, sport, Shukra is spouse/sex and partnerships, GURU is the kids and mentors. Needless to say Wakri planets show more intensity of karma or rather apathy/ignorance of many times coupled with sudden bursts of aggression and intense action. Wakri planet brings in some lack of action in Moola which is helpful not to cause major disturbance around but it affects health more as it shows more hormonal issues that maargi planets in Moola. Maargi/direct planets could show overuse of something and being too much dutiful and attentive and making others also going thru the same (Imran Khan Moola Mangal – relentless practice and forcing others too bowl fast, injuries and etc for legs). Vajpayee born on 25th Dec (21?) relentless idealistic extrovert & role model approach which could have been a liability in sneaky business of politics.

MOOLA/DHANU & education and mentoring and health and gym are connected regardless of which planet it is. Teaching, mentoring and influencing and guiding others is their forte and their passion with natural ability. They know that SHARING DOES NOT hurt == as the REAL CRUX is in the practice. Even if Imran teaches REVERSE SWING TO 10 people only Akram and Waqar who can bowl with 140+ have any use of it! :) Rest 8 would get hit all around the park on 5 out of 6 reverse swing balls! Even if you know NADAL’s game – how would you counter his SPIN on the ball which is 60% more than other champions today or history of tennis!! :) MOOLA & DHANU is relentless practice and not just spoken words. When GURU is not well placed then it is possible to just preach and not practice much but then they chose right field for that and are not exposed as they are role model and idealistic in thought process and would chose profession where THAT IS WHAT exactly expected.

Each of the 4 CHARAN or NAVAMANSH i.e. 3 degree and 20 minutes of this nakshatra have their own intensity which is WAY HIGHER for first MESH Navamansh and way too higher for the very first degree. It tapers a bit for Vrishabh Navamansh 3 degrees 21 minutes to 6:40. Again MITHUN Navamansh from 6’ 41” to 10 is about some added intensity and activity whereas the last one from 10’ 01” to 13’ 20” KIRK Navamansh is a bit OK in intensity. This is again we are talking about instead of 100% being 70% and not like complete reduction as Moola Nakshatra IS Moola nakshatra. BUT DO JUMP too much to give fatalistic outcomes unless you see stuff in the first 3 degrees of Moola. Also check, THE HOUSE, the owner of the house (guru) and Nakshatra swami KETU and aspects and FINAL V.IMP KAARAK of the THING you are trying to predict.

When these planets in MOOLA Nakshatra are with SHANI or in SHANI close drushti or in KEDRA of SHANI the intensity increases a LOT – Further if GURU the rashi-swami of DHANU is with SHANI or in SHANI drushti then add it further, Of course in such cases they do not need an astrologer to tell them that they have problems with say the father or some legs injury or blood deficiency and progeny issues or so on. Only analysis is WHEN more and WHO ELSE in the family and when and what could be done.

Surya in Moola shows strong father intense karma (good mostly unless Shani with it even then some bad aspects and not all). GURU is wakri and 6 8 12 from Surya and in intense degrees then the father could have heart spine and legs related issues. Greta bone structure, overuse of legs possible.

Mangal in Moola: Blood content issues mostly excess and no deficiency like Ashlesha Nakshatra. Sports great, gym etc great. Siblings could have legs blood or health issues if Shani drushti close. Some land related issues mostly in the maternal family and your Karma pending with siblings or cousins.

CHANDRA is badly placed shows major health issues to the mom. Obligation to the mom and intense event by mom and you to mom in the past birth.

Examples below I have seen from time to time – they are not only for illustration but they are practical examples without any identification of course!

(1)    GURU in the 1st degree of Moola and that too Wakri would show major issues with Kids as Guru owns Dhanu rashi and Guru is also Karak of Kids and if Guru is in the 5th house then it would certainly show major stuff with kids. (have met someone who lost one of the kids in an accident, of course the kid’s chart had L1 & L8 in the 6th house close in the same degree as lagna-degree).
a.     SO there has to be multiple aspects. Even the elder kid showed tough time for younger sibling during that time too.
b.     SO FATALISTIC predictions are 1 in a 10,000 and need to be diluted if NOT multiple things in the same chart. Even with multiple things – KARMIC remedy works like magic too.
c.      This kid was born premature pregnancy and with huge complexity or so and miracle survived -Meen rashi and 25th bdate and hence wanted to pay back to parent’s good times while suffering thru a parent also paying for 1st degree Guru in Moola –
d.     NOT a single issue given to parents until this fatal accident – always 90% and no health issues – why would anyone even visit an astrologer!?! à> I disagree here and hence I suggest SWOT analysis for kids)
e.     Remedies apart from Kaarmic have limited success (Mantra higher use, pooja done by others lesser use – they are time being and cyclically Shani Maharaj keeps coming back like an auditor or some police after each 8th year to get the karma paid!
(2)    BUDH (Mercury) in Moola wakri – Nervous system issues, brain related stuff but more so to mama and mousi and when Budh owns the 6th house. If Kanya Mithun lagna then to self also possible  and more so if in the first 3 degrees of Moola (MESH Navamansh).
(3)    4th House Chandra 1st degree of Moola – Mom had issues with both legs and nervous system and had brain operation and a mousi also had some brain issues and passed away due to the same.
(4)    RAHU SURYA GURU in DHANU all in MOOLA – Legs issues with the paternal family and more so paternal grandmother family. Education history and running classes successful and with popularity.
(5)    RAHU SURYA close in Moola fist 3 4 degrees – Father’s father armed forces/military and Father legs issues – both double haddi with strong bone structure!
(6)    SHANI in the 10th house in the first degree of Moola – SHANI MAHA SHANI AD wrong decisions and losses and Strike in the factory and workers made a mess. I forgot to ask maternal grandfather had head or nervous system or legs related issues. MUST be there. He should have paid back karma to the maternal elders earlier – MAYBE these issues could have been reduced.
(7)    Shukra in Moola (more so first 3 degrees) shows apathy or ignorance towards marriage, physical relationships or spouse.
a.     Hormonal Deficiency or Reprod organs issues when In Moola and in 8th or in the 12th 3rd house as it becomes lagnesh and say Shani with Guru or Shani drushti on Shukra or Shani in Kendra with Shukra.
(8)    Imran Khan 1st degree Mangal in Moola – Sports great but Mangal owns 4th house Mom – Blood cancer, Mangal also owner of Chandra-Rashi (Mom) too. Guru drushti on Chandra ensured longer life to mom despite Mangal in Moola Nakshatra.
(9)  Lot of folks from 1982 have Ketu in Moola and SHANI drushti on KETU which shows some real nasty or intense events WITH and by maternal grandfather and his younger brother. They would see some issues in their life for the house KETU is in (5th  - -Kids, 8th Kidney or reprod organs and so on).

Will add more here…

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