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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SURYA SHANI Adverse YOG (Yuti, Pratiyog, Kendra Yog, Laabh-Yog with Drushti) in NATAL (Birth-Chart) Horoscope

SURYA SHANI Adverse YOG (Yuti, Pratiyog, Kendra Yog, Laabh-Yog with Drushti) in NATAL (Birth-Chart) Horoscope
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SURYA: Bing Bang, The Creator, Inspirational, Original, Fire, Extrovert, GOVT, Big Organizations, Pride, Ego, Heart, Spine, Eyesight (power of eyes not beauty), Independent, Aloof, Solitude, Kings / Dynasties, Father, Bosses / Seniors, Ruler of Dates 1 10 19 28, Day

SHANI: SATURN, Shanai, Shanai – slowly slowly, Sincere, Serious, Hard-Work, Introvert, Perseverance, covertly ambitions, Auditor, Police, Relentless delivery of good/bad karma, Channel for karma delivery just like ISO or CMMI Auditors or Financial Auditors, Poor People, Masses, Workers, Large group of Consumers, Cold Calculations, Devoid of emotions, numbers driven approach, Compliance, Law, Ruler of Dates 8 17 26, Night


As you can see by definition itself they are exactly opposite to each other. It should be obvious that their impact on the same house of a horoscope would cause utter confusion. Big bang or slowly, King or masses. The person having this in their birth chart would face these opposing things in their life. Where to align? The father or the Son, Govt or the masses, Management or workers and so on. SHANI shows deficit of Karma from the past birth or to keep it simple for this life. It is about the things it represents in the chart. The house it is in and the houses it has drushti on and also the planets is has drushti on. SHANI has of course 1st and 7th but also 3rd and 10th Drushti from the house it is. i..e the house it is in – the house exactly opposite to it and the house which his 3rd from its position (including its own position) & the 10th house from its position. So Surya in these houses would be under Shani drushti so to speak. The pictures included below shows the year 2018 positions of Surya depicting these yogas.

So whenever SHANI has drushti on Surya following things are commonly seen (the closer the degree of Surya and Shani to each other more the effect and also Navamansh kundali needs to check if it also has Shani drushti on Surya or Surya is in 6 8 12 houses in D9).

(1)    FATHER: Surya is Kaarak of father and hence direct impact is on the father. The person has deficit of karma in the past birth (& hence lesser results in this birth) with the father. It could show HERAT SPINE or EYESIGHT issues to the father and also to self. For self it is also about bone structure and quality of bones and rather OVERALL health! RESULTS:
a.     Should not expect too much support from the father. Your career and his career might not have much overlap. Not much legacy from his side.
b.     Lesser longevity to the father! Hear and spine issues or some intense health issues to the father.
c.      The heath has to be earned which is a problem in childhood and improves slowly with efforts. (Vitamin B and D deficiency).
d.     Eyesight of the father and your own could be an issue.
(2)    GOVT /BOSSES/ Authorities: The person has deficit with the Govt and Police or bosses or authorities. SO there is TUSSLE with these folks at the ages of 8th 15th 23rd 30th 38th 45th 53rd etc etc – every 7.5 years of life!
a.     Results: Fights and tussles with seniors, getting shitty assignments, getting passed-over for promotions or good opportunities etc.
KENDRA-YOG With Drishti
(3)    The same issues are seen with the house Surya owns. Means if Surya owns the 4th house - -Mom could have similar issues if CHANDRA is also afflicted by Rahu Ketu Shani Mangal etc. If Surya owns the 5th house then the first pregnancy could be an issue if happens in wrong times (bad transits or antardasha). And so on.

(4)    The intensity of these effects is lot more if:
a.     The degree of Shani and Surya are close and also, they are in vicinity of degrees of Lagna-Rashi and or Chandra-Rashi.  (When degrees are close – thenD9 chart aligns quite well and not even needed to check!!)
b.     The 10th house is also under Shani Drushti or Surya is in the 10th house itself.
c.      The owner of the Surya-Rashi if it is also under Shani drushti OR it is in 6 8 12 houses. Say Surya in Mithun then BUDH needs to be checked.
d.     When Dashamesh (L10) – The planet which is the owner of the father’s house is also in Shani drushti.
e.     If Sun or L10 is in the 6 8 12 houses
f.      If L10 from MOON/Chandra is in the 6 18 12 houses in D1 (to Lagna)

(5)    D9 Chart: Shani drushti on Surya; Surya in 6 8 12; Shani drushti on the 10th house in D9 or on the L10 (of D1) brings in certainty. What is seen in D1 when also seen in D10 (not exactly but qualitatively then it brings in certainty/intensity to the outcome – the timing is as per D1 always).

(6)    The effect is lesser and these things happen later in life for you or the father when
a.     GURU drushti on the 10th house or L10 or Surya brings in some e balance.
b.     D9 Showing Surya Shani NavaPancham yog
c.      Surya or L10 of D1 in Guru drushti in the D9 chart.
d.     Degree of Surya and Shani are not close. Imagine Surya in MESH in the 1st degree and SHANI in the last degree of TULA rashi! It is not much of a pratiyog anyways!
e.     When Rash-Swami or Surya and Shani are NavaPancham or labhyog and BOTH are in GURU Drushti and not SHANI Drushti.

(1)    Yoga for Heart and Spine
(2)    Pranayam or whatever all Baba Ramdev does to increase power of lungs and heart
(3)    Watching Morning Sun Rise helps eyes. ENOUGH Sunlight needed -- exposure.
(4)    Vitamins D and B need regular checks & supplements.
(5)    Need to handle seniors/bosses/Govt stuff with patience, care, extra effort and tussle if they happen with tact & diplomacy with greater good in mind.
(6)    Give concessions and “discount” to bosses/Govt etc and do not get worked up if you are “passed-over” for a promotion of increment etc – Check what YOU need to do more. Those with Surya well placed in chart are NATURALLY aligned to seniors/bosses and overall organization. You are missing the alignment. Need to check your and Govt/Bosses etc goals are the same!
(7)    Use of Ruby Gemstone certainly helps but it is like TONINC and not an antibiotic.
(8)    Use of RED – RUBY RED color clothes, car and paints etc helps!
(9)    GAYATRI MANTRA Is highly effective for Surya Aradhana.

LaabhYog with Drushti

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