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Friday, April 13, 2018

Babasaheb: A Tribute

BABASAHEB : A Tribute, Gratitude and Salute to the Mahamaanav
14th April itself is enough to explain his “Parakram”. Vargottam Surya in the 1st degree of MESH rashi. Mithun Rashi shows the approach to study, read, debates and so on. Rashi-Swami and Budh in ARIES gives Chess-Champion like mental energy and strength. Shani 3rd to Moon and 6th to lagna shows “mass-mentality” & what people need and want knowledge. The 12th house Shukra and Guru shows “architecture” ability – vision and planning for decades ahead. Meen lagna shows selfless attitude and 12th Lagnesh further underscores selfless approach. Guru drushti on Chandra and Shani both shows well directed thought and sense of greater good and broad (broad is an understanding) approach. 12th house Shubh planets or any planets is a visionary person with ability to see decades ahead. Saints are born under such stuff. MANGAL RAHU gives ability of Sangharsh and parakram in the 3rd house. SHANI drushti on Rahu shows lesser longevity to the grandfather and some accident to him and his younger siblings. Mangal Rahu usually shows some armed forced connection in the paternal family.

Birth-Date Personality: April 14th
This date marks Sun’s entry in the Aries Sun Sign. The 1st degree of Aries is very powerful for strong planets like Sun and Mars. The transition from last degree of water ruled Pisces Sun to 1st degree of FIRE ruled Aries Sun is the most dramatic changes in the zodiac. It shows a high degree of desire of the soul to make a difference. Career ambition is of high degree and there is a tremendous initiative and positive attitude. As Sun is in this cardinal (Sanskrit “char”) sign, it shows a busy nature, always working on something or doing something. There is a Marsian energy & drive in this date which is pure and un-adulterated. Of course, the date of 14 shows a very good ability to express. They often coin catchy phrases or single lines which catch wide attention of masses. There is some magnetism in their communication which is articulate, clear, concise and very effective. They do have a good trading ability that allows them to spot supply demand gaps around & creating a win-win situation for both the parties. Mars dominated fields such as engineering is of course an easy choice; modern sciences and even land or agriculture related stuff is also recommended. Regardless of humble beginning these folks achieve certain success despite other issues in their horoscope. Sun is so powerful in Aries Sign that it is given exalted status. Forthright, aggressive, action prone, positive attitude Aries Sun will always find success no matter what! A badly placed Surya with Shani or other bad aspects could show head, brain or nervous system related issues but also some heart/spine issues to the father.

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