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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shani Badal in 2017 (Saturn Change in 2017) for all Rashi: Oct 26th 2017

Shani Change in 2017
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Shani change will happen from Vrishchik to DHANU on Jan 26, 2017. Shani will become wakri at 3:40 degrees (retrograde) around April 7th. It will enter Vrishchik again on June 21st. It will become maargi (direct) on August 26th at 27:05 degrees. It will enter DHANU again on Oct 26th. This retrograde and direct movement is especially troublesome to the last 3 degrees of Vrishchik and first 3 degrees of Dhanu as the last navamansh of Vrishchik and first navamansh of Dhanu are HIGHLY Kaarmic. This means folks born from say Dec13 to Dec16 (Vrishchik SUN) and Dec 17 to Dec 20/21 (Dhanu SUN) would have acute issues. Both would have issues with father (heart/spine) and overall. But Vrishchik also kidney/internal reprod system organs and Dhanu legs and head for self.

Overall for world politics and various countries especially Mesh dominated ones like (na)Pakistan this 2017 movements are quite bad. Unrest is highly likely. Shani movement to Dhanu for good in Oct 26, 2017 however would be great for (na)Pakistan and they would see some progress and feel good. This coincides with India sadesati start. Last time Javed Miandad episode happened at the start of India sadesati and 9th Shani (Bhagya) for (Na)Pak. That ended for good when India Sadesati ended in 1995/1996 Venkatesh Prasad sending Aamir Sohail home (1996 World cup) with gaali-galoch!!

(1) MESH (ARIES): Rock on!
Shani has been 8th (adverse) from Nov2014 & hence Mesh was at the end of their wits by July2015. From July2015, the 5th house Guru has held them together quite a bit. It must have given something to hang on to them and made them important again. However another major barometer of happiness & feel good is Shani. Shani is still 8th until Jan26, 2017. From then Shani will be 9th and will start supporting Mesh folks for next 7.5 years. This Shani change would bring in bhagyoday slowly step by step. It simply means people working for you will increase in numbers. You will get direct reports who would support you and grow with you for the next 7.5 years. Of course Shani would be again 8th from June21st to Oct 26th. However this would be more so for Krittika Nakshatra & less so for Ashwini and Bharani ones. Ashwini will see mostly 9th Shani and faster results in 2017 itself. Shani 9th could cause some travel to meet influential people – don’t avoid it. It could also change your location of work.  This Shani almost always results in a promotion & increase in income but as this is 2.5 years process you don’t attribute it to Shani in your mind. But it WILL be due to the increase of number of people below you. From Nov2014 this mass-base has reduced! Now it will increase for you. The 8th Shani forced you to upgrade skills, rejuvenate and retrospect quite a bit. This will help now for next 7.5 years of increasing success. 9th Shani will have aspect on the 6th house which means Mama Mousi family needing some help but also your own health needs some attention. The 3rd aspect of Shani in the income house (11th) will increase money but it will be proportional to the increase of people working for you or under you. The 7th drushti on Shani would be on siblings’ house and you might need to help them too and check if they are on right track.

GURU changing to 7th from Sept2017 would only add to the expansion, collaboration and success! Shani will make you work responsibly with stated duties but Guru in Kaam-Trikon (the 7th house) will allow you to work on things you LOVE to work! Free spirit work and almost freelancing work from your side will add to your success in this period until Sept2018. AstroMNC

Last time Shani was 9 10 11 in the 90s – Bill Clinton, Lakrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar and Imran Khan who are MESH rashi folks -- were doing quite well in their respective fields. They started sadesati from late 1995. AstroMNC

Shani will be moving to the 8th house from Jan 26, 2017 for Vrishabh rashi. Of course, Shani would be returning to the 7th house on June 21, 2016 & back to the 8th house on Oct26, 2017. This 8th house movement of any planet is not the leverage mode and certainly for something like Shani which is nothing but mathematical equation of our own karma. Any 8th house planet mandates to rejuvenate, retrospect and make a course correction. Shani in this house is no different except that this goes for a long time! :) Shani forces you to acquire new skills by putting you into a role that is more of an individual capacity and not getting work done by delegation from a lot of people. Means, you are away from your mass-base. You must acquire new skills and the next level of maturity to lead Workers or employees of higher levels than before. The 2.5 years of the 8th Shani are the time and opportunity to plan the next 7.5 years ahead of Shani being 9 10 11. Shani 9 10 11 gives phenomenal success for all work and all contacts and all the MAHOUL you created when the Sadesati ended the last time in 2003. But for that the 8th Shani is the preparation in semi-exile of sorts. The 8th Shani has drushti on the 5th house means one needs to watch education (students) and kids. Pay close attention to what the kids want. You will need to spend time with them not giving quick fix or quick solutions. Shani’s 10th drushti on father & senior’s house mean you need to manage them better. Students will be out of their comfort zone both due to some detailing needed and also managing professors diplomatically and resolving differences by patience. 8th Shani is about inheritance related issues. Need to pay attention to any long ignored matters. Investments need to be handled step by step and no gambling or quick gains attempt which are against Shani drushti on the second house. However GURU 5th is from August2016 is going to support every alternate 12 months for next 7 years! You will be back on track now for sure. This Guru support will offset a lot of 8th Shani movement.

Krittika Nakshatra will see effect of Shani movement in 2017. Rohini would see it in 2018 predominantly and Mrig in 2019 of course this is for all the 2.5 years but the intense and acute impacts would be seen as pet these nakshtatras! In between Shani would enter the 7th house (Vrishchik) from June21 to Oct26, 2017. This 7th Shani would be mostly applicable to Mrig Nakshatra and less so to the Rohini and almost none to Krittika.

So unti lend of 2019 -- Prepare well for the 9th 10th 11th Shani movement that starts end of 2019. This preparation would decide the magnitude of success. AstroMNC

The 7th Shani starts from Jan26, 2017, it again goes back to the 6th house from June21, 2017 to Oct26, 2017 and from Oct 26, 2017 for 2+ years it stays 7th. Mithun is comprised of 2 charan of Mrig, 4 of Ardra and 3 of Punarvasu (charan=navamansh). Mrig will get the 7th Shani effects in 2017, Aardra 2018/2019 and Punarvasu in 2019. Punarvasu will have more of the 6th house effects in the June21 to Oct2017 and lesser for others. AstroMNC

The 6th house Shani from Nov2014 increased your social & job profile circle and brought some new people in your career or life. They were mostly of different caste, culture or language background than yours or the current circle. It was out of comfort zone but rewarding. Now the 7th Shani will reduce some of that circle and fine-tune it and get rid of not needed people. Rather, it would make your lean now and some much needed pruning. The 7th house Shani’s aspect in the Moon and the 4th house from moon can take away from mom and native place but more so it recommends to taking a close look at mother’s and own health. Drinking water at shady areas is a big no. Deceases through water is a probability when Shani is exactly aspecting your moon in close degrees. As the 7th house is about spouse, partners and collaborations it shows some difference of opinion with all sorts of partners. Rather, Shani will expose earlier mistakes done related to these aspects. Some litigation and court etc matters are possible if some legal aspects in partnerships are missing or everything is not clearly written on paper. While Shani exposes earlier mistakes it allows good collaborations with masses/workers and employees. However, it is advised not to ignore their safety! This Shani takes physically or mentally away from spouse/partners for some duration. If natal horoscope has some marriage house or partnerships implications, even a divorced or an older type of person can approach you in the 7th Shani movement. Ensure folks are not taking advantage of your weakness which could only be temporary -- don’t make it worse! :) Shani’s drushti apart from 4th house is on Moon so image could take some hit. The 3rd drushti of Shani could show some travels against your wish. Also, it gives an indication with travel what is going to happen after 5 years. As the 7th house is of Kaam-Trikon, it also gives things you love or like to do & not have to do BUT it might make you take some tough and calculated decisions about those things. AstroMNC

Guru being 4th until Sept2017 provides some counter to Shani’s drushti on the 4th house with mom & domestic matters. However it makes things a bit further slow for Gemini at personal career front. However from Sept2017 the things become quite interesting with successful execution of plans on the horizon.

From Jan 26th 2017 Shani would be 6th to Kirk/Cancer. It will be back to the 5th house from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. From then it would be 6th for next 2+ years. Kirk is comprised of 1 charan of Punarvasu, 4 of Pushya and 4 of Ashlesha. Ashlesha would see 5th Shani more in June to Oct than say Punarvasu or Pushya. Whereas, Punarvasu will see an immediate impact in 2017 whereas Pushya would see in starting 2018 and Ashlesha would see it in 2019 mostly. But yes 6th Shani is 6th Shani! :)

From Nov2014, The 5th house Shani brought some success and happening feel after complete domestic trouble and exile sort of stuff from August2012 to Nov2014! Kirk was at standstill in this mid 2012 to end of 2014 period as the 12th Guru brought a huge void from June2013 to June2014. You have been coming back on track quite a bit from July2014 and more so after Nov2014. Now Shani going 6th will bring in some notable success. It will be visible growth. The 6th house Shani will expand your circle, your political connect, mass base and the sphere of influence. This will bring in new people in your life/career. This is particularly important for folks in politics that need mass base (Laloo / Madhuri: only Astrologers can mention Laloo and Madhuri in the same sentence!). However, most of this mass base or expansion is due to people from different caste, culture and language etc background than yours or the people you are with currently. It means you will be taken out of the comfort zone by Shani where you need to gauge and assess every new person methodically before assigning them work. You will need to ensure you check strength & weaknesses of people and give them appropriate work only! This is important as your base grows - -collecting good people below who are capable and not just loyal is very important. Also imp is not to collect FAT under the name of expansion/growth. This growth would cause some travel (frequent) which would again cause some fatigue and health issues – have a disciplined regime and intake habits --- will need to drink a LOT OF water else stomach related ailments is a natural outcome of growth of the 6th house Shani! Don’t start eating and drinking all new stuff – Check where you can get your comfort food and at least one meal is needed to be of comfort food. Heavy breakfast is great for all but when Shani is 6th it is mandatory! As this Shani has drushti on the 8th house, it will give early indicators of the inheritance related trouble or issues (inheritance more from lagna rashi however). 6th house broadly is about yoga/Ayurveda and the 8th is about yoga/homeopathy!  So these aspects would help a lot!!  Shani drushti on the 12th house indicates some expenditure or rather investment which was avoided for last 5 years in 4 and 5 Shani! You will need to invest in yourself for skills or health or some training etc. Shani drushti on the 3rd house indicates taking care of or helping younger siblings. As 6th house is Mama / Mousi – them and also their kids could need your help – be in touch with them & check what they want. Shani is relentless delivery of your own karma and the efforts of your last 5 years will result in the social and money and people growth that you yourself desperately wanted in these 5 years!!! It is YOUR time!! AstroMNC

The 3rd Guru until Sept2017 is only adding to the travel with presentations and proposal and sales related travel. It would also mean abroad travel of 6/9 hrs away travel for a year or more. The 3rd Guru is a great placement for individual impact in the surroundings and now it will only help along with the powerful placement of the 6th Shani. AstroMNC

From 26th Jan Shani would be 5th to you. It will again go back to 4th from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26 2017 and after that again 5th for 2+ years! Magha would see immediate effects of the 5th Shani whereas Poorva will see later in 2017 but more so in 2018 and Uttara little bit in 2018 and most in 2019. The 4th Shani from June to Oct would be seen mostly for Uttara and very less for Magha or Poorva! AstroMNC

The 4th Shani from Nov2014 had almost retired Singh moon sign folks into a retirement! It was a slow period with some domestic trouble. Guru 12th from July2014 to July2015 only added to the political exile! You have come back a bit due to Guru in rashi from July2015 but it still not the same past glory of 3rd Shani and the 11th Guru until say July2014! Shani now going 5th will bring you back on track slowly but surely. The 5th house being Buddhi-Sthan, Kids and execution and tactics – this Shani shows slow but steady achievements with hard-work. Hard-work has not alternative when Shani occupies a Duty – DHARMA-Trikon house (1 5 9). BUT it means you get success if you do your duties. It is about micromanagement and attention to details to execute things closely to achieve success. This is a great placement for lawyers for sure as Shani is the governor and implementation of law (especially the criminal law). The 5th house being education it means the students need to work twice as hard to achieve what they want to achieve! Attention to minute details and patience is highly needed but success is directly proportional to the efforts put in which is the best thing. As 5th is also the house of romance – it is not the best time for wild success in romance! ;) Shani being wise & older people so taking advice from older teachers would do the trick! No short-cuts! As 5th is the house of inspiration & speculation it is advised to be careful with trading. Take only long term investment decisions, gambling unless you are doing it for past 22 years is NOT your thing in the 5th house Shani. This is also underscored by Shani drushti on the 2nd house (wealth management, investments etc). Shani drushti on the 7th house means possibility of going away from spouse/partner for some time but more so an early indication of things to come after 5 years. Shani is giving you “Purva-Suchana” to make corrections/amendments with partnerships so that the 7th Shani after 5 years is not problematic. Shani drushti on the 11th house also shows that your income & gains are dependent on your intellect and how much you think and act! What Shani shows for everyone is what is FOR SURE yours and what is NOT as it is mirror of your own karma! So income & gains would be related to actual miles you walk! 5th house means Kids / Santati – So need to check what they want – what their needs are and spend time for them. Don’t prescribe or advise them without a deep-dive. They need your time in the 5th house Shani for sure. AstroMNC

The second Guru until Sept2017 will support with investments and some wealth expansion despite Shani drushti and also it might start income from NEW things in life as past 2 years you have struggled with this new area/new product or newer skills and it will now start giving you the results. So all in all you are trending up! :) The 3rd house Guru from sept2017 will only add to your aura!

Kanya will have the 4th house Shani from 26-JAN-2017. It will be wakri in April and again 3rd (powerful) from 21-JUNE-2017 to 26-Oct-2017. From then it will be in the 4th house until Jan2020. In 2017 the 4th Shani would be mostly experienced by the Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra. Whereas the 3rd house Shani from June21 to Oct26 would be mostly for Chitra Nakshatra. Hasta would see some effects of 4th and 3rd Shani both but not as much as Uttara (4th) and Chitra (3rd). Chitra would hardly see any effect of the 4th Shani in 2017. For Chithra (of Kanya and not Tula) acute 4th Shani would be in 2019 whereas Hasta 2018 mid to 2019 mid.

Kanya came out of Sadesati in Nov2014 which was a big relief. However Guru that was supporting from May2012 onwards went “off” in July2015. However, Shani 3rd has kept you in the hunt. It is allowing you to play kingmaker and also keeping you politically connected to powerful people. The 3rd Shani is parakrami, allows you play kind maker, gives you a great mass base and rally around the mass base to make visible impact on the surroundings. Kanya rashi Balasaheb had 3rd Shani to Moon in his Horoscope itself! So you get an idea what is meant by the Shani power in these 3rd Shani from Nov2014. Now the 4th Shani is to summarise is about: domestic issues, infighting, stagnancy and need for rejuvenation, retrospect and course correction. This is a bit of a slow period break from the frantic pace of the 3rd Shani from Nov2014! The 4th house belongs to the “Moksha-Trikon” and it means inner-peace and home or farm and the native place and also your mother apart from other laundry list of things. It also means close to heart (Su-Hrud) people. It also means “comfort-zone” - As you can see all these things will be under Shani scanner! The misuse of power in the 3rd Shani will be exposed and will need to be paid off! Masses might not just obey any direction you are giving but still sympathise with you. They would still respect but would know you don’t have direct control now on many things! :)  It is a bit hard to handle at times. This Shani takes you away from your comfort-zone, your mother and your native or home. It takes you in the close company of people who are 1/2 rungs below your economic or whatever social level at your native or your house. It mandates taking care of Mother’s health. The 4th Shani and the 10th drushti of Shani on moon mean double-scrutiny of your mother’s health. Or, simply going away from your native-place and mother for a period of 2/3 years.  As Shani drushti is also on the 6th house it is preview of health issues and issues with mama mousi that are going to happen 5 years later! Attend any issues there right now and 5 years later Shani the auditor will not give you a lot of non-conformity (NCs) with your health and also maternal family cousins or mama/mousi folks. :) Shani drushti is also in the 10th house (workplace and father). This means ‘slow and steady wins the race’ at workplace too: Some difference of opinions with seniors. Just that this time they would have an upper hand which they couldn’t due to your 3rd house Shani connects and mass-base! J It is all cat and mouse! Karma that comes back to you – good or bad! :) As Shani is the owner of the 5th and the 6th house – some proximity and quality time spent with kids and maternal family is also seen. For students it means careful attention to exam paper presentation and attention to details. Some subject might surprise with complexity which are underestimated. For homemakers this Shani is all about domestic trouble and infighting and hence need to keep patience and handle without passion and emotions! Both mother and MIL could behave a bit funny and rather you will spend a bit too much of a time with them or completely without them both would be difficult to handle.

However, Guru is in your rashi until Sept2017 helps with your mother’s health and image for sure until Sept2017. It gives you specific duties and execution of things which are great especially for employee category. It will enhance image too – physical and social weight gain is quite likely with rashi in Guru.

All these events are seen in extreme if you have some non-guru planets in the 4th house or the 10th house from Moon which means Dhanu/Mithun rashi. These events would be of less intensity if you Guru is in a Fire-Sign (Mesh, Singh, Dhanu) in your horoscope.

TULA ends their sadesati on 26-Jan-2017. Well almost. :) Tula now gets powerful 3rd Shani. Of course Shani would be back to the 2nd house from 21-June-2017 to 26-Oct-2017. After that it is back to the favorable 3rd house until Jan2020. This is a huge deal for Tula rashi as it ends the transformation of character and personality and maturity to the next level which started from Sept2009. Of course Tula was in the hunt due to favorable Guru Travel from parts of the year 2009 & until April 2010. Until August2016 Guru was supporting. Now Guru is OFF until Sept 2017 but Shani blesses you! Chitra will have mostly 3rd Shani experience in 2017 and Vishakha would have very less of 3rd. Swati would be a bit of 3rd only and not too intense of 3rd. June 21 to Oct26 – Vishakha would have more of 2nf Shani and less for Swati and hardly anything for Chitra. Swati will experience 3rd Shani acutely in 2018 and Vishakha in 2019. AstroMNC

The sadesati was Bachchan getting in politics in the 80s, RD Burman at a loss and The 3rd house Shani means Bachchan was back to films after sadesati was over! :) Now this 3rd house Shani is all-powerful. You are fresh out of Shani graduation for 7.5 years of mental torture mental and physical test. You are not lean and mean and ready to pounce! Yes 12th Guru suggest a step by step jump and not a huge one until Sept2017 but still 3rd Shani is 3rd Shani – you are right time right place for next level and higher level of mass-base, workers and employees to report to you. You will have a very effective team at your disposal to send it out to conquer the territory. You will make some short-term travels to meet with influential and powerful people and they will respect you not just for your skills/knowledge but the TEAM and the mass-support you have behind you. You will gain and have sort of a bhagyoday with this travel. It will only increase your clout and influence. Your word will have some weight now! The 3rd Shani drushti is on all travel houses like 3 9 12 hence political travel is imminent, at times against your wishes. The 3rd house means siblings so you need to check what your siblings need. Spend time with them to understand what their plans are and what they are actually doing. Shani drushti is also on the 5th house which means education needs attention for students. Practical application of theory is needed as the 5th house is about execution and “applied” anything. As the 5th house means kids – please do watch their needs and keep aside time for them deliberately. Don’t give quick fixes to kids as they will backfire – understand what they need by deep assessment. AstroMNC

Of course if you have planets in Dhanu, Mithun or Kanya apart from Guru – this Shani will show some issues here and there and wouldn’t be all gung-ho. But this is life and when some area of life becomes strong, some other area becomes neglected. Means the 3rd Shani will not allow 4th house activation to much which means quality time with family and near and dear folks. It is great for personal achievements and achievements with your workplace but the family might not get enough time from you. The 3rd Shani is especially great for lawyers and police and not to mention politicians. Big things happen to these folks who have interaction with masses and law for a living!

As Tula is predominantly a sign of artists – It is an all-round good news for the world as you would again start to get quality products from every artistic sector! :)

Shani goes to the 2nd house (the last phase of the Sadesati) from Jan 26, 2017 but becomes wakri in April and hence comes back 1st (in your rashi) from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. From then it is in the 2nd house until Jan2020. Of course, this Shani coming back 1st (June21-Oct26) would be affecting more to Jyeshtha Nakshatra as they face this first Shani more than say Vishakha (almost none) and very less to Anuradha. For Jan to June and Nov Dec 2017 Vishakha would feel the most of the 2nd Shani whereas Anuradha in 2018 and Jyeshtha more in 2019. However 2nd Shan is 2nd Shani except June21 to Oct26.

The 2nd house Shani starts the final phase of Sadesati where you family wealth, family wealth decisions, your investment decisions are put under Shani’s scanner! Shani will expose all the mistakes and undue risks taken in the past 27 years with the investments. Any debts not paid would be affect severe financial penalty and hence you better ensure you are clear your records books. You will be forced to cut losses in some investments by taking very pragmatic, curt and emotion-less decisions. Your decisions will need to be based on cold-calculations and not passionate outburst. Any of your need for credit from your relatives might be met with a rude surprise giving you a reality check who stands by you in your crunch time. You had this indication to smaller level in the 12th Shani from Nov2011 to Nov2014 and if you had not made amendments and continued to depend on these unreliable folks – you will be in for a rude surprise. However like ANY planets in the 2nd house it gives or rather starts a new income in your life for all the efforts you put in when the planet was 12 and 1st to you. So Shani was 12 and 1 from Nov2011 to Jan2017 for you and in the second how movement while it exposes blunders it will also start fresh new income for you BUT slowly and steadily. Whatever was planned and executed in the last 5 years will not bear some fruits from 2017 to 2019 end. Shani in 2nd and dhrishti on 11th advises NOT going after quick bucks and easy money! Karmani Adhikaraste! Shani is masses or workers and now AGAIN after 5 years of Gap – your income would be again proportional to the number of folks work for you (your mass-base). Shan 12 and 1 makes you earn individually by your own skills and improving your ability but this 2nd Shani now gives you NEW mass-base, higher level of workers and hence you income now starts going up as people working under you start going up. As This Shani coincides with 11th Guru until Sept2017 it means getting paid for all efforts done from July2014 onwards. 11th Guru will give you a lot of good gains by Sept2017 which should not be confused with the 2nd Shani! :) AstroMNC

This time Guru has been supporting Vrishchik in Sadesati which wasn’t the case last time in the 80s. So when Guru goes 12th in Sept2017 to Sept2018 – You might feel sadesati effect a bit more as Guru would also put you in an exile of sorts and will force to answer “WHAT NEXT for 12 years” question. AstroMNC

[9] DHANU / Sagittarius
Shani would be in your rashi from Jan26, 2017 to June21, 2017 (1st Shani) and again 12th from June21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. After that it will be 1st until Jan2020. Guru will stay 10th until Sept2017 and would be magical 11th after that until Sept2018. Shani moving 1st in rashi will be felt the most by Moola Nakshatra and less by Poorvashadha and Uttarashadha. June 21 to Oct 26 Shani 12th would be acutely felt by Uttarashadha and lesser by Poorvashadha and hardly by Moola. Moola will have 1st Shani experience in 2017 and part 2018; Poorvashadha in 2018 and Uttarashadha in 2019 (acute), But Shani in rashi is Shani in rashi regardless of the sign. AstroMNC

The 1st house Shani is the end of “WHAT NEXT for next 27 years” question asked by Shani from Nov2014. Now you have decided what you would be doing and how you would be doing it. Now you will start executing these ideas and plans. Execution hurry until now for BRAND NEW things would have been a mistake. Now you are equipped to start execution of new ideas as enough “Wichar-Manthan” has been done. Still it is only about execution and having some daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities and not getting any immediate gains! It is like a Car is designed and now being produced but would start to sell in the 2nd Shani. You will need to correct planning, design with your execution experience in the first stage. Your temperament and mental health will be tested! You will feel the mental stress and pressure at office and home both. Having patience and being calm helps – understand the difference between “react and response”. :) Shani travel on moon exposes heath issues of your mother. Need to take care of mental and physical health of mom. Need to keep aside time for that as worst part is that one has to go away from mom and native most of the times when Shani is on the moon. So further attention to mom is required deliberately. Your legs could get hurt as Dhanu takes pressure and stress on the legs! Water propagated deceases are possible and hence need to avoid water at shady places! Shani drushti on the 10th house shows some issues with father and difference of opinions with the seniors. Need to handle them with maturity and perseverance. Quick fix and quick reactions would not get you anywhere. NO sudden actions and resignations or RUTH ke baithana with seniors. It will not help. Make aware of your issues to seniors and their seniors in a diplomatic and tactful way. Shani drushti on the 7th house can also take away from spouse and business partners or could expose deficiencies with the business partners! Shani drushti on the 3rd house – care of siblings and more so younger ones.

Shani in rashi starts getting you back your mass base which 12th Shani has taken away or taken you away from the mass base. It brings back your workers and your people back to you. You get sympathy and good support from these folks. This is what could be used to offset relationships with seniors quite a bit. Your people can create good support and pressure for you and this political pressure could help you get what your seniors will give reluctantly! So ensure your people ate happy with you or at least you are treating them with mutual respect etc. AstroMNC

[10] MAKAR / Capricorn
Aali re aali ata tuzi baari aali! :) Baba Ramdev will also now need to handle new customer, new areas and new things with proper planning and also be careful with anti-publicity and also some side effects of his medicines and so on! SADESATI will start for Makar from Jan 26, 2017 when Shani goes 12th. It will be back 11th again from June21 to Oct26 and would be 12th from Oct 26, 2016 to Jan2020. India also enters Sadesati. However this Sadesati might not be as bad as the late 80s and early 90s of Rajeev Gandhi mistakes, Babari, Harshad Mehta etc etc – the reason being GURU supporting from August2016 to Oct2019. But still it is WHAT NEXT phase of the life by Shani which he asks you every 27 years! AstroMNC

After glorious windfall gains of the 11th Shani -- The 12th house Shani is difficult to handle even though it doesn’t make you fall but keeps at the similar levels for say 3-5 years before the 2nd Shani starts new money in your life. WHAT NEXT is the question every planet asks you in the 12th house! Funny/Height that in the 11th Mars Sachin scored 2 centuries against Australian attack but in the 12th Mars he couldn’t score anything against New Zealand when Bhajji scored 2 centuries!!! :) So 12th SHANI being the slowest planets asks this question to you bold underlined and for a long time. You are supposed to work on WHAT and HOW in the 2.5 years of SHANI movement. DO NOT Jump hastily in the NEW fields. Step by step expansion of existing is just fine BUT the brand new fields execution should not start until the 1st Shani. The 12th House is planning, vision and spending of time money and effort on OURSEVELS!! Need to invest in SELF so that you can leverage that for the next 27 years of your life! 12th Shani is NOT bad – it is GREAT for upgrading your skills, learning new things, learning new level of maturity, auditing self, asking questions to self and correcting the life course/path. TOTAL rejuvenation and retrospect is needed initially. And then it gives you an idea as to WHAT to do and THEN you start working on HOW to do it – BLUEPRINTING Is what the 12th Shani is about. 9 10 11 Guru will keep expanding and keep giving you much needed growth and something to hang on to. It will keep you in the hunt and in the mix. So not all is lost etc and not all is slow too! :) Just that the SLOPE of the Curve of your growth would not be as steep as it was from Sept2009 to Jan2017 when Shani started supporting you.

The 12th Shani is the worst for the political leaders as it is almost a loss of mass base or completely away from mass base like Pawar Saheb in the 95/1996 (same with Advani as Wajpayee projected PM). If power is abused then it could cause jail time also. Exile could mean anything and to the extreme also. The 12th Shani has drushti on the 9th house – so 2 travel houses in Shan impact means previously avoided travels and obligation travel against your wish. The 12th Shani also make you work independently away from people who you can delegate your things. It is a blessing in disguise but it is BAD for EGO! :) :) Any ego which you displayed due to being on top of a few people – these people might now be with someone else! :) In a good and great Mahadasha this 12th Shani means slower growth but learning new things and new environments. 6th Shani means socially people below you but 12th means people who are higher than you. So you could work with acute experts of some fields and would gain from their knowledge BUT it means you HAVE to gain from their knowledge else you are left high and dry! Advice from older folks reduces losses in the 12th Shani for sure! Talk to Bujurg folks and don’t learn everything on your own! :) Shani drushti on the 6th house also suggest overall checkup of health – long ignored expense on health to be ready for the next 27 years of life – lean and mean! Please do check Sadesati article on

However Guru is there to support and anyways June 21 to Oct26 you will enjoy 11th Shani – more so for Dhanishtha and less so for Shravan and almost zero for Uttarashadha.

[11] KUMBH / Aquarius
Shani would move to the 11th house on Jan 26, 2017. It will be back to the 10th house from June 21, 2016 to Oct26, 2017. It will be 11th from Oct 26, 2017 to Jan2020 when Sadesati starts! :) Dhanishtha would see more acute 11th Shani in 2017 and early 2018 whereas Shatataraka in 2018 and Poorva-Bhadrapada majorly in 2019. The 10th Shani on June21 to Oct26 would be predominantly to Dhanishtha. Guru stays problematic 8th until Sept2017 and then bhagyakarak 9th from Sept2017.

Any planet in the 11th house is magical – right time at right place with whatever that planet represents in your life/chart. A planet like Shani that takes almost 27 years to come 11th is absolutely a positive force for you. Shani means masses/workers & overall mass-base for all folks due to “Karakatva” of Shani. Shani for Kumbh is rashi-swami and owner of the 12th house (expense/abroad/investments). So this Shani makes you a hit with the masses. You will have people around you would inflate your ego just like the WILD success of Michael Jackson, fellow Kumbh-Moon, in the 80s when he had both Shani 9 10 11 and his uchcha Shani Mahadasha. People power will be with you like Mulayam is under 9 10 11 Shani from August2012. The 11th Shani means your money is directly proportional to the number of people you serve or command or lead. More the merrier. You will see great income & windfall gains for all what you did from Sept2009 when Shani was 8th and you were trying to rejuvenate yourself. You will have a great income and feel good that is a big thing as Shani stays in one sign for 2.5 years. Unless you are in a karmic debt Antardasha, you are going to be a big hit. The pressure and stress situation of the 10th Shani from Nov2014 is going to pay off each & every karma on the past 7 years! Invest wisely as after 11th Shani it is sadesati from Jan2020. Power misuse is very much possible in the 9 10 11 Shani which needs to be paid off in the 12th Shani – only someone like Narendra Modi (Vrishchik rashi, Tula lagna), is able to get through the 12th Shani without political exile or major issues but even he needs to go thru CBI enquiry of 6 hours or so! (he had mentioned it was the toughest 6 hrs he faced ever). Shani equals “own karma” literally. So Shani ensures each & every karma of past 7 years is paid to you fully in cash! It is highly advisable NOT to leave the place or job or a business which you started say from 2010 as it would give all it has to offer by Jan2020! LAGE RAHO! The 11th house Shani has drushti on Moon means it gives early indicators with health of mother and self. Reserve time for yourself for health/exercise etc. Shani drushti on the 8th house means some inheritance issues and even health issues are brought to fore that were not resolved in the 8th Shani movement from Sept2009 to August2012. You are advised to deal with these issues with cold calculations --- without pride & prejudice! :) Shani drushti on the 5th house indicates some neglect of kids is possible and hence dedicated time needs to be given to them. Check what they want in detail and don’t give quick fixes. AstroMNC

You will get importance at every podium where number of people with you is an important aspect. This is especially good for the politicians (Hillary) and say actors (Salman?). Guru being 8th until Sept2017 means some initiatives & programs or projects might trouble as they are not planned very well but your hard-work might be appreciated. ROOT-CAUSE analysis and asking WHY 5 times for each problem is necessary in the 8th Guru movement – DON’T accept everything coming your way in the 8th Guru! Guru from Sept2017 going 9th 10 and 11 is great news indeed put KUMBH on top of their fields in all sectors! AstroMNC

[12] MEEN / Pisces
Shani moves to the 10th house from Jan26, 2017. It will comes back to the 9th house again from June 21 to Oct26, 2017 and later on it will be 10th until Jan2020. Poorva-Bhadrapada will see the 10th Shani more in 2017. Uttara-bhadrapada in 2018 and Revati in 2019. The 10th Shani of June 21 to Oct 26 2017 would be seen more acutely by Revati folks. Guru stays 7th until Sept 2017 which is about expansion, collaborations and great support. AstroMNC

The 9th Shani from Nov2014 to Jan2017 is supposed to give new mass base, a new bigger position and sort of a slow but sure bhagyoday. Now the 10th Shani will give you expansion (more of the same), volume and displacement! :) You will be subjected to great pressure, stress and pressure cooker situation but it is part of the growth and increase in business. People working for you will increase. The 10th Shani will give you complex work assignments that need micro-management. It is almost a must to take advice from experienced and older people who have done this before. But the same older & experienced people will stop your next level promotion by seating on top of you. So it is catch-22: you need them but you don’t like them! :) Older, experienced matured people advice is absolutely necessary in the 10th house Shani expansion. You will get respect and a place on a podium due to the number of people working for you (i.e. your mass-base) and not exactly for what your capability is actually. As it is usually understood that masses follow a capable person they can trust and entrust to do the right thing. At times, the 10th Shani puts some ego & buble in the person thinking that it is their skill and their uniqueness that is causing this success but remember it is the people that work for you are doing the difference for you. 10th Shani has drushti on the 4th house means mother and native and house. So this Shani takes away from parents logically or physically. Handle them with maturity and care as there could be some friction. Work place stress would need mom’s help at home and workplace stress would need dad’s advice BUT your higher positions make it difficult to deal with people without ego! :) Patience is the key dealing with parents and a smile on the face goes a long way! Shani drushti on the 7th house shows deficiencies or mistakes in the partnerships. It also takes away from spouse for some time. Of course the 7th Guru until Sept2017 is great for marriage prospects for single folks & keeping you with your spouse if already married. Shani drushti on the 12th house shows travels against your wish to meet very highly placed people with great vision and strategy and they calling the shots without people knowing it!! It also gives an early indicator what kind of expenses might be required after 5 years when Sadesati starts sometime in 2022. AstroMNC

June21 to Oct2016 2017 would be 9th Shani but this would be acutely seen by the Revati folks and more so in the last charan or last 4 degrees of Kumbh rashi. The 9th Shani means addition of some good mass-base, employees and bhagyoday by getting a good powerful position.  GURU is 7th until Sept2017 which means expansion and collaboration/partnerships and working on something you love to work on!  Guru from Oct2018 would support for next 3 years which would coincide with 10/11 Shani – which is fantastic!! AstroMNC


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